Resident Evil 7 review: the exact marriage of old and new

Resident Evil 7 promised a return to basics. A tired brand, which for too long had strayed from its roots, promises to return to the glories of the past. All this, however, "winking" an eye to the new gameplay techniques. The fusion of innovation and a return to the past make this Resident Evil 7 satisfy a large part of the paying audience

Resident Evil 7 had the ominous task of returning the saga to the great results obtained in its first chapters. The gameplay of the latest titles in the saga had taken too action a drift.

A “swipe in the towel” was needed to start over and make a tired and lived series shine again. The task was assigned to the boys of Biohazard, who have managed to wisely mix an old-fashioned horror style and gameplay thought but "fast" when needed. 

Resident Evil 7 review: the exact marriage of old and new

A story never clear until the end, able to keep the player in a state of perennial anxiety, is the first ingredient for a horror of the past

As Ethan we will set out in search of our wife Mia. The woman who seemed to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances will reappear via an email after a long silence. In the three years that we have not heard from, we have believed her to be dead now. With the hope of being able to embrace it again, we will leave for Louisiana. Following the few almost cryptic indications that have rekindled in us the hope of seeing our beloved again.

Once we arrive at the point indicated by the mysterious email, we will find ourselves in front of a ruined mansion. Despite some uncertainty and a lot of mystery, we will decide to take courage and walk through the doors of what has all the appearance of a house of horrors. 

Crossing the dismal entrance we will see a video that will increase our state of anguish. The house is not actually uninhabited. But it holds secrets capable of terrifying even the most reckless of visitors. Although the scene that presents itself before us is macabre and gruesome, we will appeal to all our courage. To continue to foment the hope of being able to see our beloved again.

After a brief meeting with Mia we will be attacked by one of the mansion's inhabitants. A person with clear psychic problems and superhuman strength, who will tie us to a chair at a banned table.

Once tied up, we would be forced to eat something that looks like human gray matter and entrails. At the table we will get to know the other inhabitants of the house. From here our adventure will start: between the desperate search for truth, a continuous struggle with anguish and the desire to put an end to this nefarious nightmare.

Resident Evil 7 review: the exact marriage of old and new

A discreet technical sector, combined with perfect lighting management and a really successful sound, manages to make this Resident Evil 7 shine.

Resident Evil 7 shows his "muscles" from the very first bars of the game. The lighting of the title manages to create a feeling of dim light that can raise the level of anguish. Well thought out lighting goes hand in hand with a brilliant sound compartment. Every "creaking" board of the old mansion, every unexpected noise will be able to make the player jump. That he will never really feel safe. 

The general glance is also not bad. From the first initial movie, you can breathe the desire to bring a great product to our monitors. The initial cutscene is the appetizer of what you will see during the game. The scenes studied in detail, combined with music suited to the circumstances, lay the foundations to understand the artistic direction undertaken by this Resident Evil 7

The detail of the characters and the facial movements are good, able to let every emotion leak out. Madness, which is a recurring theme in the game, transpires from every expression. As well as like fear and anguish.

The only flaw for this Resident Evil 7 is a PC optimization that leaves a little bitter taste in the mouth from time to time. Nothing to worry about, even if it is clear that a more performing hardware than the console one could be better exploited, at least in the graphic filters. Overall, however, one can only congratulate the team Biohazard for the work done on the settings and on the level design really very nice.

Resident Evil 7 review: the exact marriage of old and new

Resident Evil 7 gameplay is varied and never tiring. The difficulty level increases as the story progresses and, by doing so, never allows the player to let his guard down

Resident Evil 7 it starts very slowly, but it will ensure that character growth is constant and believable. We will start as prey and finish as hunters in this new chapter of the brand. But things will never be really easy.

The character progression system is directly linked to the desire for exploration. To enhance our Ethan we should use syringes containing anabolics which, to be obtained, must be purchased through coins. Coins obtainable only by looking at every corner of the map, every nook and cranny and opening every drawer.

If you search carefully, you will also be able to obtain a considerable number of weapons. And the number of types of the latter is not indifferent, in fact they will vary from the most classic sidearms (knives) to today's firearms. Between guns, grenade launchers, shotguns and flamethrowers. But fear not, the use of these weapons is managed in an excellent way also thanks to the low number of ammunition obtainable. In addition, the "gunplay" is well thought out, the aim will never be forced and the recoil of the weapons will vary together with the power of the gun we hold. 

The crafting system gives a nod to the old chapters of the saga. We will be able to heal ourselves thanks to plants scattered around the game map which, once combined with a liquid of dubious origin, will allow us to recover some life points. If, on the other hand, you run out of ammo, you can decide to combine the liquid with gunpowder in order to get a few more shots for your weapon.

Boss fights are also very inspired. And even if I would have liked a few more puzzles, the only one there is well studied and able to put younger players unaccustomed to this type of video game in difficulty.

Resident Evil 7 review: the exact marriage of old and new

Resident Evil 7 manages to be scary without the need for jumpscare. It combines everything that was good in the first chapters of the saga, rejuvenating a system that can no longer be proposed

What is appreciated about the Resident Evil saga is constant anguish. The fear of opening a door, the fact of being aware of one's limitations. 

Although unable (for obvious reasons) to use a camera system behind the player, the guys at Biohazard have grasped the essence of resident evil giving new life to a saga that many players considered over. 

The fear and anguish have returned. They have changed their clothes and are ready to terrify another generation through this last Resident Evil 7.

9 Masterpiece

Points in favor

  • Back to the origins
  • Excellent audio sector
  • A distressing horror

Points against

  • Poor optimization on PC
  • Unsatisfactory longevity
  • Few puzzles to solve
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