Recensione Far Cry 6: the united people will never be defeated!

After a long wait, Far Cry 6 has finally arrived and we are ready to analyze it in all its facets in our review of the PS5 version

The concept of revolution has complex, variegated and well diversified historical social roots. Throughout history there have been many revolutions and many revolutions are still going on today. What makes them fascinating it is the ability, as well as courage and strength, to fight, fight and give one's life for a sense of justice that surpasses any finitude. The protagonists, then, of these revolutions, carry a considerable weight on their shoulders.

A weight that will make them protagonists, once again, also in future revolutions, in which they will not be able to take part because they are already dead and, finally, a weight that will make them heroes forever. Ubisoft already had flirted with the concept of revolution with Watch Dogs Legion but it is with Far Cry 6, a title that we will analyze in this one review, that this marriage has finally taken place. A complex marriage to analyze, not free from defects but certainly capable of thrilling anyone who tries to put the finger between husband and wife. 

It starts with certainties

All titles in the Far Cry saga have a lowest common denominator. Or rather, they have different. Starting from a very strong narrative component and, let's say it right away, well structured (also in this sixth chapter), a fully explorable open map, an arsenal of weapons and vehicles, as well as aircraft, decidedly large and a pinch ( maybe even a little more than a pinch) of madness. All this, over time, has created a real easily recognizable ecosystem that can be associated not only with Ubisoft but with the Far Cry saga.

Over the years, there has been talk of Open World at Ubisoft and this, in our opinion, should by no means be considered as a trivial and / or secondary aspect. By this we mean that, again in our opinion, the idea of ​​offering a well-identified product is certainly positive but, at the same time, we must enter into that product and verify the various elements of growth and development present. So, we will start from what are the certainties of this Far Cry 6 in the analysis we will make in this one review and we will try, certainty after certainty, to dismember the various components, examining piece by piece all that is the complete work.

"Hey, but it's Gus Fring!" - Far Cry 6 review

The sense of amazement produced by the presence of Giancarlo Esposito accompanied everyone when the teaser trailer of this Far Cry 6 was shown for the first time. Sense of amazement then accompanied by a Lots of hype. Hype amply justified by one of those certainties that we have just mentioned. In every chapter of the Far Cry saga, a recurring element related to the narrative has always been the presence of a villain with a very strong personality.

Connecting therefore, the writing skills of a high-level villain demonstrated by Ubisoft in the previous chapters and the skills of Giancarlo Esposito (which everyone will know, among others, for the interpretation of Gus Fring in Breaking Bad), has us since immediately given the certainty of having in your hands, once released, a product - at least from a narrative point of view - of the highest quality. So indeed it is. Far Cry 6, narratively, has nothing to envy to the previous titles in the series and Giancarlo Esposito, or rather, Antòn Castillo, is a very very convincing villain.

Head of the dictatorial government of the island of Yara, a Caribbean island that for years has experienced an embargo imposed by the neighboring United States of America (did someone say Cuba?), El Presidente aims to bring out all the splendor of the island, while implementing a reactionary and violent policy, as well as using a real poison (the Viviro) to maximize the production of tobacco (main export commodity of the island). 

The figure of Castillo, however, will also be analyzed from the point of view of the relationship with his son Diego. The cut-scenes starring both will be a real highlight. Our revolution, carried on by Dani Rojas (protagonist) and other characters that we will meet along our path, will collide with the military strength of President Castillo. A context at the same time simple but detailed enough to make our adventure as much as possible addictive possible. 

Yara Island - Far Cry 6 Review

Mai come in Far Cry 6, the narration is at the service of the gameplay and exploration of the island. The island of Yara clearly presents itself with an open world structure and a tropical setting, very close to Far Cry 3. The island is, equally clearly, completely explorable and to do so we can use different means of transport: cars, planes, helicopters, boats and so on and so forth ... and remember to put the horses! In this Far Cry 6, in fact, we will also have horses available to ride and with which to explore the island that develops both horizontally and vertically.

The management of the environments that is very interesting vary slightly from region to region and, above all, the diversification between the more natural areas and the towns that we will be able to explore, which in turn are very well characterized and built, is very interesting. Among the various "means" of transport that we have not mentioned, the fast travel. Here too, fast travel is now an obvious feature in any open world. In this case, however, we would like to emphasize the presence of fast travel because it helps us to introduce a mechanically directly connected.

Fast Travel will unlock once you arrive at the very first camp (or guerrilla camp). All our experience within the island of Yara will develop, from region to region, through the knowledge of different characters, revolutionaries affiliated with Libertad, the movement of which We will also be part. Characters all well characterized and who will kick off different subplots that will lead to the killing of several "bosses" and then finally arrive at El Presidente.

The quality of the writing of the individual characters is sublime and thanks to them (and not only) we will be able to explore Yara far and wide. Each guerrilla camp, therefore, will make us experience secondary and non-secondary stories, in the wake of what Bend Studio did with Days Gone. Furthermore, it will be possible to develop and evolve each field, adding, in a decidedly less invasive way, a mechanic already seen in Far Cry New Dawn.

From New Dawn to… - Far Cry 6 review

Exactly a few letters ago, during this one of ours Far Cry 6 review, we mentioned Far Cry New Dawn, a title released following the fifth chapter of the saga and which had divided the users and the most passionate fans for the introduction of a level system. This component, in Far Cry 6, is not there ... or rather, there is, but as in the case of the development of guerrilla camps, it is placed in a very non-invasive way.

We will be dealing with one character development which, based on the experience gathered, will rise in rank and, moreover, we will have to deal with missions and situations that can be easily faced or not, based on the degree. So let's talk about recommended degrees which, in a certain sense, in the economy of the title are acceptable, especially considering the path that Ubisoft had decided to take with New Dawn. In this wake it is clear that the exploration of the island of Yara is free but, at the same time, also quite guided.

To offer further life to the exploration there are the secondary activities: multiple and interesting such as fishing, hunting areas, grand prizes, the collection of materials inside FND crates and Libertad crates (fundamental from the point of view of the weapons crafting system), attacks on military caravans, collection of roosters to be used in cock fights inside the fields (PETA doesn't like Ubis ... this element) etc ... 

There will be no lack of classic outposts or classic areas to free. Introduced in this Far Cry 6, i checkpoints, which will be structured as mini outposts which, once conquered, will allow a much simpler navigability by land. Just as the destruction of anti-aircraft guns will allow easier air navigation (and possibly air support).

A well-proven structure… maybe too much - Far Cry 6 review

As we have already mentioned in the course of this ours Far Cry review 6, from the point of view of the open world structure, Ubisoft and in particular the Far Cry saga - mainly with the iconic third chapter - they did school. Many have imitated the model offered by Ubisoft over the years. Bringing it back to this Far Cry 6 isn't wrong but, at the same time, it turns out little brave as well as a real missed opportunity. Let's clarify one aspect: if you are a fan of the saga or if you simply like and satisfy you this open world structure, you will be satisfied even playing this title.

The point of the matter, however, lies not so much in the structure as in the inability or fear of get out of this comfort zone. A comfort zone perhaps dictated by the name of the brand on which it is not so easy to go and experiment? (New Dawn, in fact) Likely. However, it is up to us to analyze the product it is and not what it could be. Far Cry 6 is a solid product, enjoyable but not innovative. The only new element, which we appreciated, lies in the diversification of enemies. We will have enemies vulnerable to different types of bullets and hits.

It will be up to us, therefore, through an excellent and intuitive weapon crafting system, equip ourselves properly to do more or less harm to the enemies that we will have to face. Always remaining on the subject of "structure", all the missions will turn out to be a little repetitive with different pretexts but, fundamentally, always the same or very similar actions to be carried out. Everything will be seasoned with a great shooting, not at all woody and very enjoyable pad in hand and an infinite arsenal of weapons. From classic pistols to shooters, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles and, never before, so on and so forth. The introduction of the Supreme.

A backpack, or rather, several backpacks, which we will have the possibility to choose and which will offer us an excellent advantage in combat. It passes from the Supreme to be able to shoot missiles, to the Supreme capable of maximize your care and still to the Supreme capable of poison all enemies surrounding. A very rich condiment from which the presence of Friends, of pets with peculiar characteristics to take on missions (if you want) and some discordant note also emerges. Above all an artificial intelligence enemies and friendly NPCs not at the level. 

What year are we in? - Far Cry 6 review

"Where do you think we are?" Said the good JD to Dr. Cox in that pearl that is the fourteenth episode of the third season of Scrubs. "What year are we in?" Instead it is the question that someone, legitimately, could ask themselves once Far Cry 6 has been launched. Talking about the technical sector of this game is not easy and, maintaining the previous setting of: "We will talk about the product that is and not that it could have been" , we have to say that, despite the overall impact - from a graphic point of view - is appreciable, we consider Far Cry 6 a graphically mediocre title.

Considering that our test took place on PS5 and that we are now one year after the release of the new generation of consoles, we expected, at least on next gen, something different. Many of the "problems" related to the graphics of this title reside in the style adopted and, in particular, in the use of textures that little differ from the fifth chapter dated 2018 and in the use of models some really disappointing characters.

This is a shame when you consider the excellent work done with the writing of these same characters, With the direction exemplary with which the various cut-scenes were structured and with the total absence, at the same time, of convincing facial animations. Giancarlo Esposito aka Antòn Castillo aka El Presidente is credible despite the poor work carried out on his model. Chapeau to the actor's performance. The frame rate turns out to be very stable (at least). Present some bugs but, to be honest, we also expected something more from this point of view.

The Spanish dubbing is missing but, in our opinion, this is not a real problem, especially taking into account of the excellent English dubbing and the very appreciable Hispanic accent (with the addition of Spanish terms) with which the characters have been voiced. Absolutely note of merit regarding the audio compartment. Both as regards the sounds of weapons and explosions and the background music, and as regards the songs that our or our Dani will enjoy humming during car journeys.

Those who fight can lose, those who don't fight have already lost

With this sentence we want to conclude ours Far Cry 6 review. A sentence that invites us to reflect on many aspects and that can easily adapt to that videogame context that is Far Cry 6. A sentence that expresses the revolutionary soul which is imbued with the excellent narrative of this title but which, at the same time, points a little finger at who does not have too much desire to move out of his comfort zone. A little bit what happened to Ubisoft who offered a product and a work that was certainly enjoyable, certainly appreciable but ...

And it is precisely the sense of the most classic of "but", identifiable in a graphics sector not up to the generation, in a somewhat stale structure and in a series of careless details (such as the inexplicable absence of manual saving) that make it impossible for this Far Cry 6 to be the best of its lineage

Let us know if you have played this title that we remember being available for PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna since 7 October. Stay tuned to techigames for more news and updates. If, on the other hand, you want to buy some video games at a discounted price, take a look at Instant Gaming.

7.2 Long Live Freedom!

Points in favor

  • Excellent storytelling and character writing
  • Giancarlo Esposito is an extraordinary villain
  • Very enjoyable shooting
  • Excellent audio compartment
  • Yara is a lot of fun to explore

Points against

  • Slightly repetitive missions
  • Artificial intelligence of enemies (and friends) not up to par
  • Character models and graphics out of step with the current generation
  • Manual saving is missing
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