PlayStation Showcase 2021: summary of the games announced

Welcome back to our usual recap appointment. On this occasion, we're going to recap all the games announced in the latest PlayStation Showcase

With this latest Sony event, we can afford to declare the summer period of videogame announcements over. The thing that even before the contents presented stood out most to the eye, is the title of the show. Since this is not the classic State of Play, but a real Showcase, in fact, we were able to enjoy even more previews juicy about the most anticipated titles. So here we are again at our usual appointment of recap. Read on to discover all games announced in this PlayStation Showcase 2021.

Overall a good conference

The conference just ended has certainly not left astonished the public. Many announcements were made, but it was heard there lack of a true innovative force capable of shaking the market and strengthen Sony's position. Overall, a good show. Among the new announcements and the different trailers shown there were also a few remastered long awaited. If in the first half hour the level was not exciting, with presentations of titles already announced and some welcome confirmation, in the second part of the show the rhythm is raised as the next titles developed by the PlayStation Studios. But let's proceed with order.

Remastered and fantastic worlds - PlayStation Showcase: here are the games announced

Let's start with the first slice of titles. In this first start of the conference, we were certainly surprised by the announcement a surprise initial of the remake of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Much loved game time by fans and revived in this version in exclusive right for PS5. The other surprise was Forespoken. This new Square Enix title transports the protagonist into a world fantasy medieval and focuses on the use of powers magical and sections of "fly" between the scenery.

  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake: game developed by LucasFilm exclusively for PS5.
  • Project Eve: title developed by Shift Up Studios. Action RPG which recalls Nier and Devil May Cry.
  • Wonderlands: spin off of the Borderlands series, out on March 25.
  • Forespoken: Forespoken gameplay, created by Square Enix, is shown. Exit, spring 2022.
  • Rainbow Six Extraction: the new Rainbow returns to show itself in a new trailer. The game will be released at January next year.
  • Alan Wake Remastered: presented with a new trailer the remastered of one of the masterpieces by Remedy. Next coming 5 October.

Once again, GTA V - PlayStation Showcase: here are the games announced

There were no announcements at this part of the conference bomb. Several previously announced titles have had a new and renewed communicative space. In particular we were able to admire new trailers regarding Ghost Wire Tokyo and the anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy, game developed by Eidos Montreal.

  • GTA V: The popular fifth installment of the GTA series returns this time for next gen consoles. Coming to March 2022.
  • Ghost Wire Tokyo: First-person supernatural horror shows up once again in a new trailer in CGI. Unfortunately, no release date.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: the action RPG with the characters of the Marvel house will be released next 26 October.
  • Bloodhunt: the recent battle royale vampire shows up in a new trailer.
  • Deathloop: shown again with a trailer what looks like one of the best shooter by Arkane. Out next week.
  • Tchia: third person game with colorful and childish tones. Nothing release date.

Grand finale - PlayStation Showcase: here are the games announced

As the last part of the conference, here are the flagship titles of PlayStation. While nothing overall did scream a miracle, we still had several confirmations and some, small ones surprises. Back to the Uncharted saga in a new remastered that includes Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy. As a conclusion, Sony offered us a juicy desserts based on God of war ragnarok.

  • Uncharted 4/The Lost Legacy: announced the remastered of the two chapters for next gen and PC. Unfortunately, once again, no date.
  • Wolverine: Insomniac Games bombshell announcement. With Wolverine, the Burbank-based development house, delights us with a short trailer that bodes well for all Marvel fans. Don't expect this title soon.
  • Gran Turismo 7: several new features shown in this gameplay trailer. Starting from Customization of vehicles to finish al gameplay, passing through the photo mode and the different ones modality. No release date.
  • Spider man 2: another bombshell announcement. This new chapter of Spider Man brings Peter Parker and Miles Morales together again and introduces a new, fearsome enemy, Venom. Out in 2023.
  • God of war ragnarok: last revelation of the evening. Sony showed a long gameplay trailer of the sequel to the first chapter released on PS4. God of War Ragnarok promises a powerful aesthetic impact, placing itself in continuity both in the combat system than in other respects with God of War. We await the date Journal.

To recap

Here we are at the end of this ours recap. Overall, the games announced in this last one PlayStation Showcase they have us satisfied. Although we would have expected more honestly. In fact, to a large extent, many titles had already been anticipated by News and leak. Despite this, we stayed affected especially as regards the titles in progress at Insomniac Games, as well as obviously the expected God of war ragnarok. If you want to learn more about the individual games we refer you to the respective links above in the list. Until next time!

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