Nintendo Direct September 2021: All games announced

The leaves are tinged with Nintendo red with the beginning of autumn: here are all the games (and more) announced in the September Direct!

We looked forward to it a Nintendo Direct in September, and for sure the announced games they did not disappoint us at all! Among the most anticipated news and the most unexpected (and unexpected) comets, certainly the forty minutes of material have been able to surprise us. Of course, everything opened in the name of sobriety in the memory of the people affected by the pandemic, but in the end, the broadcasts of the Big N know how to give us back a smile even in the darkest moments. We leave you below the video of the whole presentation, of course, but if you are here to make up your mind or in a hurry, here all ads!

Beginning in the comfort zone

Before moving on to bulleted lists for the sake of brevity, the first games of this Nintendo Direct of September are titles already announced previously. There next summer we can expect Sunbreak, a "massive expansion" of Monster hunter rise. In a short curtain dedicated to Mario Party superstars, on the other hand, the Big N focused on three scoreboards taken from the episodes for Nintendo 64: Wooded Forest, Tropical island of Yoshi, and the night-day cycle of Land of Terror. The Mount minigames instead it will allow us to face the minigames in freedom, with seven modes. The game comes out on 29 October and pre-orders are already open.

First Notable Announcements - Nintendo Direct September, all games announced

At this point, the Nintendo Direct led by Yoshiaki Koizumi has begun to step on the accelerator a bit, and undoubtedly some news has made its way among the games announced for September.

  • Voice of Cards: The Isle of Dragon Roars, new card game from Square-Enix by Yoko Taro and Yosuke Saito. The 28 October, from today pre-order and demo.
  • Disco Elysium - The Final Cut, the acclaimed RPG will put us in the shoes of a forgetful detective with 24 skills to discover. We will be able to influence the plot on 12 October, pre-orders for the eShop version are open from today and a physical version will also arrive at the beginning of 2022.
  • Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Volume 2 of the Expansion Pass ("The guardian of memories") Will be available on 29 October with the campaigns To the rescue of Calbarico, the Battle of Goponga and "others", new levels, new moves and new characters: Pruna, Rovely "plus another".
  • Chocobo GP, a pseudo sequel-remake of Chocobo Racing for PS1, will be a Switch exclusive in which we will be able to use the spells of Final Fantasy as tools. In addition, there will be elimination tournaments for up to 64 players with eight drivers at a time online. 2022.

Two more weeks of nerve-wracking waiting - Nintendo Direct in September, all games announced

Spades regarding the sixth / eleventh name of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. We have a special on their expectations when it comes to hype, and our first guess turned out to be the correct one. The 5 October we'll find out who it is, and Sakurai's direct four in the afternoon it will of course also show us how to use the next character. The last time a piggyback presentation was announced was for Byleth, for the record.

Finally in three dimensions - Nintendo Direct of September, all games announced

Separate mention is required for one of the games announced in this September Nintendo Direct. After an accidental leak (as for Kirby Fighters 2) by the Japanese site of the Big N itself, it is confirmed that next spring Kirby will be back in a new adventure. Kirby and the lost land will represent something fans have always been waiting for: the character's debut in a 3D platformer with free movement. The character has not been shown in flight, but the skills are already confirmed, as well as other cornerstones of the saga.

Discover a new 3D Kirby adventure set in a mysterious world! Kirby and the Lost Land is coming to #NintendoSwitch next spring!

- Nintendo Spain (@NintendoSpagna) September 23, 2021

We were four cats at the bar - September Nintendo Direct, all games announced

Il next month awaits us a Nintendo Direct separate for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and while it's not one of the new games announced, a major comeback has been revealed. After a long wait, Bartolo's bar (we love to repeat ourselves), The Piccionaia, will open its doors inside the Blatero museum. We wonder what else makes a Direct necessary, but it's nice to see that the Kyoto giant is finally starting to play with their cards exposed. It was time!

A free update for #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons is coming in November! ☕

More details will be revealed in an Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct, which airs next month. Follow @AC_Fuffi to find out the exact date!

- Nintendo Spain (@NintendoSpagna) September 23, 2021

From Disney's D to Dread's D - Nintendo Direct in September, all games announced

We continue with a short list of five other titles, between "already known" and revealed.

  • Disney Magical World 2: Enchanted Edition, port of the "virtual Disney parks" seen on Nintendo 3DS, will open its doors to the public in December.
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the HD port of a great classic, will join the hybrid of the Big N November 11th. Pre-orders are already open.
  • Dying Light 2 Stay Human – Versione cloud, the acclaimed title will bring its co-op and plot-influencing decisions to Switch il February 4 2022, with attached demo.
  • Triangle Strategy, after Octopath Traveler abandoned the “Project” in the title and took advantage of the feedback from the demo: dialogues, times, graphics and interfaces have been revised. We will know more very soon, but the game will be released on March 4. Pre-orders are already open and a collector's edition is planned.
  • Metroid dread, the fifth chapter of the main series was shown by spoiling again the presence of a well-known boss and introducing us to Samus Aran, the planet ZDR and the Parasite X of Metroid Fusion (no, it has not been eradicated). We can look for the Chozos around the game October 8th.

News on the online, finally - Nintendo Direct of September, all the games announced

In a move that is sure to get some arguments, the service Nintendo Switch Online it will include new retro platforms… as long as you upgrade to the “Nintendo Switch Online + Add-on Pack” membership. Nintendo 64 e SEGA Mega Drive they will arrive at the end of October, but in the future we will have "new details". There is one that certainly did not escape us: after having glossed over the definitive launch date and price, the Big N showed the covers of the upcoming titles for the Nintendo 64 after the launch. Pokémon Snap it's hard enough not to notice, but pales in comparison to Banjo-Kazooie. The new controllers the rumors alluded to were probably these.

And speaking of returns in style - Nintendo Direct in September, all games announced

Let's move on to other games announced of this Nintendo Direct of September, between a confirmed leak and a new chapter for an indie gem.

  • Shadowrun trilogy, the trilogy of role-playing games in which the magic and conventions of fantasy awaken in a cyberpunk future, will put us back at the reins of the Shadowrunner in the next year.
  • Castlevania Advance Collection, the collection that brings together the titles of the saga for Game Boy Advance gives us an appointment at the end of this presentation. That is today, now.
  • Actraiser Renaissance, the remake of the game for Super Nintendo in which platforming and management alternate, reaches the eShop with both versions of the soundtrack, also “at the end of the presentation”.
  • Deltarune Chapter 2, the second chapter is available as a free update right now for all those who have already downloaded the first.

Triccheballacche, the wheelbarrow - Nintendo Direct in September, all games announced

It wouldn't be Nintendo Direct without a stir fry of games announced in quick succession, and the September roundup didn't disappoint. In order, HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED (capitalized, apparently) awaits us on September 30th, Surviving the aftermath is scheduled for this winter, Shin Megami Tensei V arrives on November 12th with a pre-order already open, Wreckfest will have us demolish cars this fall, Arcade Archives Pac-Man e Arcade Archives Xevious are already available and, finally, Rune Factory 5 arrives March 25, 2022.

All in the room - Nintendo Direct in September, all games (and films) announced

We would not want to go out of the way, but it's all the fault of Shigeru Miyamoto who wanted to inform us about the film being worked on with Chris Meledandri by Illumination Entertainment (Universal). The film doesn't have a trailer but a date, Christmas , is a cast. Chris Pratt will be the voice of Mario, Anya Taylor-Joy will be Peach, Charlie Day will dub Luigi, Jack Black will be the voice of Bowser, Keegan-Michael Key will be Toad, Seth Rogen will voice Donkey Kong, Kevin Michael Richardson Kamek will perform, Fred Armisen will lend the voice to Cranky Kong e Sebastian Maniscalco doppierà Foreman Spike da Wrecking Crew. charles Martinet, historical voice of all plumbers, will have a cameo.

Break Them All - Nintendo Direct September, all games announced

It comes back to talking about games with Splatoon 3, and the Nintendo Direct of September was full of details even outside of those already announced. The new trailer is packed with action, despite some interruptions from the antagonists. Many characters will return, as will the mammals… or at least as they are called in the post-apocalyptic world of the game. The city of Splatville will also be the central hub from which to access The return of the Mammiferians. New weapons and lots of other good stuff give us an appointment at next year. We are almost at the end, which means ...

… The final gem!

Of course, that of September 2021 would not be a Nintendo Direct if after a cornucopia of announced games there had not also been a bomb with which to close everything worthily. And the farewell formula "hit and run" of the giant of Kyoto did not disappoint us, with an assault on the pedestrian crossing of Shibuya by a demon against which the Japanese soldiers could do little. Fortunately, the protagonist of Bayonetta 3 came to solve the situation with lots of gameplay, a nice hybrid look between the designs of the first and second game and, finally, confirmation of an exit in 2022. After the arrival of a mysterious figure, Koizumi concluded the Direct by thanking us all for waiting five years from the announcement.

The witch is about to return! # Bayonetta3 will arrive exclusively on #NintendoSwitch next year.

- Nintendo Spain (@NintendoSpagna) September 23, 2021

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