New Style Boutique 3 Review: Create the style of the Stars

New Style Boutique 3 has arrived in our homes via the Nintendo 3DS system, the developers of Syn Sophia have tried to create a new chapter of this saga that could keep the level of fun high for both veterans and newbies

Will the addition of new mechanics, a livelier city and many styles be enough to make this New Style Boutique 3 a great game? Let's find out in this review!

When a video game comes to carry the number 3 after the title, the doubts get bigger and bigger. Will Nintendo have been able to bring enough innovations to entertain fans of the series without losing the spirit of the game? We can tell you that they have succeeded! The game while bringing a wave of freshness remains firm to its roots and manages to innovate without upsetting the original concept. The inclusion of the new mechanics does not go to clash with the spirit of the previous chapters, even if they are not all Paillettes that shine.

New Style Boutique 3 Review: Create the style of the Stars

Getting off a train our journey begins in New style Boutique 3

Our adventure begins with our protagonist arriving in the city, where her uncle Teodoro is waiting for the girl who has always been passionate about fashion. Immediately the incipit of the plot is revealed to us, in fact after a few quick greetings and some obligatory pleasantries our dear uncle reveals his programs to us.

Tired of working in his small clothing store, he decided to retire from the world of business and fashion to travel. With this pretext we will be able to take part in a waltz of obviousness. Our protagonist has always been a lover of everything related to fashion, the life style and Dress code. What better opportunity than an uncle who is leaving, to take possession of a shop that fully reflects our wildest passions? 

In addition, our (very lucky) protagonist will also have an apartment as a gift, which we could use as a home. Obviously, anxiously awaiting, we head into this famous luxury boutique, the legacy of an uncle who was much more than generous. On our arrival, however, we find ourselves in front of a shop a little out of fashion and with not exactly thriving business. Perhaps the uncle was not so kind ... the arduous sentence to posterity.

New Style Boutique 3 Review: Create the style of the Stars

In New Style Boutique 3 no time is wasted, the war on the best outfit begins immediately!

Our adventure begins with the creation of our avatar, choosing the aesthetic forms, the facial features and the style that suits us best. 

Right from the start, our qualities as stylists, advisors and shop assistants will be put to the test. As soon as they arrive in our high fashion boutique, customers will not be long in arriving, all with styles, demands and requests on different trends. Matching the perfect style to the person will not be easy. Only by following the instructions given by the customers' lines of text and carefully looking at the clothes they wear, we could understand their style and try to improve it.

Every time we give the right advice, dress our client appropriately and make him go away with a smile, we will earn experience points. The experience points will be visible in the form of a filling bar that once we reach the maximum capacity will make us level up and allow us to access new areas of the map, as well as new clothing and new styles that are increasingly satisfying. 

The world of fashion is ruthless, leveling up is a must!

As explained above, experience points are important to level up and unlock new styles. However do the various level-up it will be a fundamental prerogative if bankruptcy is to be avoided. To be able to compete in this ruthless world of lace, you must always stay on the piece (of fabric). As the game progresses, customers will be more and more demanding and will want the latest model of most renowned brands.

If your level is not enough, you will not be able to go and unlock the latest generation of bags, shirts and trousers, thus remaining an antiquated shop. As a result, your customers will be dissatisfied and will no longer come looking for your services. 

On the other hand, if you prove yourself up to your tasks, you will make important friends. Pop stars, Rock stars and a slew of other stars all following your precious advice on the latest discoveries in the world of social life. 

Not just fashion in New Style Boutique 3

Obviously, to be successful, a shop must have solid fundamentals and this New Style Boutique 3 lo sa! To keep your store running well, you will need to constantly keep an eye on the warehouse, stock up on the necessary goods and anticipate market trends. It is useless to fill the shelves and shop windows with leather if the "fashionable" wind blows in the direction of the jeans!  

Fortunately, to keep everything under control, you will have your trusty smartphone, which will make you (via the app) from the agenda, will allow you to keep an eye on stocks and view the unlocked trophies. Furthermore, if you are not very familiar with the terms purely used in the fashion industry, the boys of Syn sophia they have well thought of inserting an abecedary that will act as a dictionary for those terms so little known, but which are essential to continue in the game. 

New Style Boutique 3 Review: Create the style of the Stars

In New Style Boutique 3 the social world is more alive than ever

Once you have made a name for yourself with your high fashion boutique, you will be able to access the "Share". Thanks to this mode you can literally share your creations on the most famous social networks. By linking your (real) profiles Facebook o Instagram you can introduce your creations to your friends or yours follower

You can also use the Amiibo, to unlock styles, locations and useful elements for your creations. You can also go to your home where you can choose your daily style, your make-up and decorate the rooms to your liking. Another possibility will be to help the shopkeepers of the city to renovate their premises, advising them where to make changes that can revive the fortunes of their shops and help their customers in their choices. In practice we will play the role of Antonino Cannavacciuolo in Hells Kitchen, with the only difference that we will make it pure Personal Stylist not for restaurants, but for hairdressers and makeup shops and the like. 

New Style Boutique 3 Review: Create the style of the Stars

Who should buy New Style Boutique 3? 

My advice is to buy this game for Nintendo 2DS e 3DS if you are passionate about fashion, if your desire and your lifestyle is to always be at the top. Never a hair out of place, a bag or jeans that is not coordinated and always with the right dress for every occasion. But also for those who love management and want to try their hand at a valid and unique experience.

If you need any doubts about the game you can download a free demo which will clarify your ideas even more Nintendo E-Shop.

Obviously, the game is recommended for both sexes. Remember that the dress does not make the monk, but if he really has to do it he does it well and fashionable!

7.5 Fashionable

Points in favor

  • An infinite number of choices
  • Lots of innovative mechanics
  • In continuous renewal

Points against

  • In the long run it might get tired
  • Very repetitive in some situations
  • Very trivial story
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