Need Games makes The Witcher RPG easyode available

The easyode of The Witcher RPG, a small manual of simplified rules on the world of the witcher, has been available since yesterday on the Need Games website

Born from the pen of Andrzej Sapkowski and made famous by the video games of CD Project Red, the world of Geralt of Rivia arrived just a few years ago also in the RPG version, for R. Talsorian Games. Here in Spain, it is thanks to Need Games if we can savor the adventures of The Witcher, and step into the shoes of the fearsome witchers. With the new easymode, released yesterday in the Spanish version from the manufacturer's website, now the world of the witcher becomes even more accessible.

More than 30 RPG introduction pages, initially released for June's Free RPG Day Discover the lands of the Continent, crossed by wars, murders, assaults and raids. Take on the role of the Witchers, valiant warriors armed with sharp silver swords. And go hunting for monsters, or join your fellow witchers as bards or mercenaries. In short, carve out your space in a world where happy ending is rare and friendship is one of the greatest treasures that can be conquered. 

The Witcher easyode will allow you to discover the basics of the Role Playing Game translated by Need Games; an introduction to the mechanics of combat and magic, correlated by pre-built characters and an individually playable short adventure.

Need Games makes The Witcher RPG easyode available


How to download The Witcher easyode from the Need Games website

To download the easy code (free), simply register on the Need Games website and add it to your cart. The PDF will be available in your profile and can also be retrieved from the email you will receive following the order confirmation.

The world of The Witcher is even more within our reach. But I recommend: keep your arm steady and sharpen your cunning as your sword. The Continent does not discount anyone.

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