N ++ review: seven years later on PlayStation 4

Seven years after its last appearance, Metanet Software releases, exclusively on PlayStation 4, the definitive version of N ++

N ++ it's a classic platform game from the gameplay you will belong simple but which requires absolute precision and concentration: a perfect pastime that will keep you glued to the screen until the last level. In N ++ we will play the role of a wild and greedy ninja in search of gold coins. 

In search of gold coins and salvation

A race against time, through difficult and well-detailed mazes, in search of gold coins and the button that will open the door to the next level: N ++ may seem like just this but it is much more.  

The game is unforgiving: every single move must be studied and implemented with care and precision. Furthermore, we will only have 1 minute and 30 seconds to pass the level: but time is money and, with every coin we collect, our hero will recover 2 seconds of time.

There are many obstacles that will try to stop us in our race to victory: in fact, we find enemies, missile turrets, machine guns and rifles equipped with motion sensors, drones, mines, laser beams and clones to hinder us.

Game controls

The game controls are not many: we have only available few usable keys on our pad. The left analog stick will allow the movement of our ninja. The X key will be used to make jumps and, based on the pressure of the key, the jump will vary its intensity. The triangle key corresponds to suicide, a very useful feature to use in case we are stuck in a level, or have not taken all the available coins.

Various game modes present in N ++

They are well three game modes present: the first is the solo game mode. We will then have a co-op, playable up to 4 players, and finally the Race mode, in which we should pass the level in the shortest possible time.

There is also a mode of level editor, where it will be possible to create levels to our liking.

In conclusion

N ++ will not be a triple A game, but it will still have fun and keep you glued to the screen for a long time. With the right amount of precision and punctuality in your choices, you will be able to overcome the infinite levels of the game without problems. The electronic soundtrack that will accompany us on our labyrinthine journey is excellent. Unfortunately, online multiplayer is missing.

7.5 A pleasant return

Points in favor

  • An infinity of levels
  • Pleasant electronic background music
  • Good gameplay

Points against

  • Lack of online multiplayer
  • It can be frustrating
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