Monster Hunter Rise review: the evolution of hunting

In this review we will tell you about Monster Hunter Rise, the latest chapter of the well-known Capcom hunting game series

Monster Hunter Rise has only been available for a week and this short time Capcom has made some truly astounding earnings. Since the announcement the fans have eagerly awaited the release of the game and this obviously led to a large number of sales.

Despite this great initial success, many people continue to be a little doubtful about the title due to all the hype surrounding it. Thanks to our careful review, however, ryou will certainly be able to get an idea of ​​the actual value of Monster Hunter Rise.

The threat of calamity

Let's start our review by talking briefly about the history by Monster Hunter Rise. In the titles belonging to this series the plot has always been almost completely absent, but with the release of World it has begun to play a slightly more important role and as a result we want to talk about it at least a little.

In Monster Hunter Rise, players take on the role of a novice hunter from Kamura, a small coastal village with oriental hues. Normally the new hunters are simply concerned with eliminating the monsters that cause damage to the inhabitants of the country, but unfortunately the protagonist will face a much greater threat than him. Kamura is in fact about to be hit by the Furia, a great migration of ferocious monsters that threaten to completely destroy the village. To deal with this terrible threat the players will have to try to find out what lies behind this calamity and stop it once and for all.

At the release of Monster Hunter World the story of the game failed to fully convince the players and unfortunately once again Capcom failed to hit the target. While there are some interesting twists towards the end, the overall storyline of Monster Hunter Rise it turns out quite dull. Of course, as we told you earlier, the story plays a very marginal role within the series, but however, we would have liked to see some improvements.

Hunter Life - Monster Hunter Rise Review

As we anticipated in the previous paragraph of the review, Monster Hunter Rise is set in Kamura and luckily for you this small village has all the amenities a hunter needs.

In addition to the generic shop and the blacksmith, the beating heart of Monster Hunter, you will also have some customizable private accommodation, a training area very well stocked, an area dedicated to companions and obviously the kitchen. In particular, the kitchen will be very important for your hunter, since before each mission you can use it to eat gods dango, characteristic Japanese skewers that will provide you several very useful bonuses. In this chapter no new particular structures have been added, but compared to World there has been a big improvement in comfort. The village of Kamura indeed is extremely compact and this will allow you to speed up the preparation process for hunting.

Obviously in addition to these points of interest are also present two attendants to accept missions from: Hinoa e Minoto. This time there will be two girls because, as happened in the portable chapters, the distinction between village quests is back (single player) and the guild (multiplayer). These two types of missions have a very different difficulty level and they will progress completely autonomously. Fortunately, however, Rise has introduced some convenient single-player missions called special tests that will allow you to immediately advance the rank of guild missions in case it is too inferior to that of the village.

In addition to the classic tasks that require you to collect materials or hunt large monsters, you can also accept other types. For example, le return arena missions, challenges to be completed with specific equipment, and the secondary missions, extra objectives to complete during the other hunts. In addition, the citizens' requests, additional tasks that will allow you to unlock useful items.

A Freer Hunt - Monster Hunter Rise Review

Among the most important innovations introduced in Monster Hunter Rise we have the wire insects, creatures capable of greatly improve the agility of hunters. These flying arthropods have the ability to secrete an elastic and resistant drool that players can take advantage of in so many different ways. The main use of these creatures, however, is related to movement, given that thanks to them you can shoot towards elevated positions and climb even the steepest climbs.

Thread bugs allow players to move in a whole new way and accordingly now the game maps are much freer. Now the areas they develop very much vertically and there is no longer that clear-cut distinction between zones that forced players to follow specific paths. This new way of moving manages to create a sense of freedom never seen before in the series and, combined with the extreme care and beauty of the maps, it manages to make even the most boring collection mission enjoyable.

Rise also adds to this great freedom a large number of simplifications aimed at making the gaming experience more immediate. Obviously they have been kept the comforts introduced with World, such as fast travel, tents where you can change equipment and the removal of harvesting tools, but many others have also been introduced. For example now the point objects they will no longer take up inventory space e you can instantly collect all the materials present in the collection points with a single animation. It also was also removed the now ancient mechanics of temperature which forced to use specific objects before leaving for hot or cold biomes.

The Fury - Monster Hunter Rise Review

In addition to the classic assignments that we talked about in the second paragraph of the review, in Monster Hunter Rise the Fury missions. In these missions your task will be to stop an enraged horde of monsters from destroying the gates that defend Kamura. To do this, however, you will not have to rely only on your strength, but you can also count on the help of citizens and above all on defenses of the village.

These missions differ greatly from the classic style of hunts typical of Monster Hunter and they are almost close to tower defense. In fact, before facing the horde you will have time to place mines, cannons and many other defense tools that will help you defend the gates. Furthermore, the behavior of monsters will also be very different from normal, since instead of just attacking you each of them will take on a specific role. Some will have the task of breaking down the gates, others will try to eliminate the hunters, while still others will support their companions by attacking from above.

Completing the Fury missions will allow you to obtain a large number of materials belonging to many different monsters, but not only. Thanks to the particular rewards of these assignments you can in fact upgrade your weapons with some brand new Fury abilities. These improvements can deliver several new weapon bonuses that will allow you to customize your play style even more.

Fury missions stray far from the spirit of strategic combat that characterizes Monster Hunter, but however, they are a very welcome extra addition. These assignments are great for detaching after a series of classic hunts and more they are really fun to deal with with a group of friends.

Advanced Combat - Monster Hunter Rise Review

The fights of Monster Hunter Rise continue to maintain the same tactical as well as arcade style that has always characterized the series but are expanded thanks to many new additions, first of all the insect attacks thread. These new techniques exploit the aforementioned insects to perform really devastating moves capable of inflicting tremendous damage and more. By hitting a certain number of these attacks you can in fact weaken the monsters up to the point of be able to control them thanks to the new Wyvern Ride.

During the Wyvern Ride you can control monsters as if they were some kind of extension of your body. For example, you can move freely, use different types of attacks and even use wire bugs for quick dodges. Also, if you land enough hits on another monster, you can refill yours punisher bar and subsequently unleash a devastating special attack.

In addition to these techniques that are as powerful as they are dramatic, new moves called are also added to Rise change skills. Shift skills are unlocked as you progress through the game and will allow you to replace some bindings. This way you will greatly customize the moveset of your weapons so that it fits your play style as closely as possible.

Animal Power - Monster Hunter Rise Review

Animal companions have always played a very important role in Monster Hunter, but in Rise are really fundamental. In addition to the classic cat Felyne, present in the series for many years now, in this chapter the Canyne, large dogs trained for combat. 

Canynes are able to aid hunters in combat like the Felynes do, but unlike them they can also be ridden. While on the back of your partner you can move much faster and performing awkward actions such as eating or sharpening the weapon without slowing down. Thanks to the Canyne dead times during the hunt are reduced to the bone and in the midst of battle you can use them to escape or quickly reposition yourself.

In addition to the companions, in this chapter also the endemic fauna plays a very important role. World had already introduced the presence of animals with useful effects during hunting, but now Rise made this mechanic even better. Compared to the previous chapter, the endemic fauna will not be usable only on site, but you can also capture and exploit it at a later time. Thanks to this small difference you will no longer be limited to using the creatures present in the area you are in, but you can finally exploit them in a more tactical way.

The only aspect related to animals that does not convince us very much are the spiriuccelli. These critters are scattered across all maps and are capable of giving you gods permanent bonus that will last throughout the mission. Basically the spiriuccelli are very useful, but going far and wide to collect them is not very much in keeping with the spirit of Monster Hunter. In fact, generally we tend to want to complete the hunts in the shortest possible time and consequently often these birds end up being almost totally ignored.

Mythological Beasts - Monster Hunter Rise Review

Now the time has finally come for our review in which we will talk about one of the most important aspects of Monster Hunter Rise: and samples. As happens in every new chapter of the series also this time Capcom has created a roster made up of many old and new creatures, but we will focus mainly on the new ones. 

All new monsters first added in Rise feature a truly exceptional care from every point of view. In fact, these creatures are extremely different from each other, have unique moves and boast gods outstanding designs based on ancient oriental mythology. Plus theirs too behavior outside of the fight he is extremely well looked after. For example, in some moments it is possible to see the Gran Izuchi playing with his fellow men or to see the sinuous Somnacanth singing to the moon.

All of these new monsters excel qualitatively, but unfortunately on the whole they turn out to be a bit 'few. This is a problem that makes itself felt a lot once you reach the more advanced missions of the game, given that you will find yourself always facing the same creatures. Fortunately, however, we know that Rise will follow the same path as World, then over the next few months new monsters will be added constantly to better support the end game and fix this problem.

A Miracle on Nintendo Switch - Monster Hunter Rise Review

From the point of view artistic Monster Hunter Rise is a truly excellent product. As we said earlier i design of the new monsters are truly spectacular and also those of characters, settings and especially equipment they are no less. In addition, the whole is also supported by a truly enchanting soundtrack composed of songs that are a pleasure to listen to both before and during the hunt.

All this artistic beauty, however, would not be able to stand out without it the excellent work done by Capcom in optimizing the game. It is no secret now that Nintendo Switch is a not very performing console, but despite this Rise manages to boast some truly stunning performance. Despite the huge amount of detail, special effects and screen elements, the title manages to maintain 30 FPS with a constancy that is miraculous. Even in matches multiplayer more chaotic where chaos reigns on the screen, the frame drops are really minimal. This shows us how capable developers are able to bring out the best even from a console like Nintendo Switch.


Now the point of our review has finally arrived where we sum up Monster Hunter Rise. This new chapter for Switch manages to renew the already new formula established by World, thus becoming a new benchmark for the series.

Rise boasts a freedom never seen in previous chapters and owns a large number of really winning new mechanics which will certainly be taken up at least in part by the next Monster Hunter. The new monsters really are spectacular in every respect and also many of the old ones have received improvements so as not to disfigure. Plus the title boasts a technical level that is miraculous on a console like Nintendo Switch. In short, thanks to all these qualities that far outweigh the defects, Monster Hunter Rise deserves to be crowned without too many hesitations as the best chapter of the series.

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