Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate <br> The hunt begins again on Nintendo Switch

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is the summa of the entire series, and lands on Nintendo Switch also in Europe, years after its launch on Nintendo 3DS. But is there still time to make sparks based on gigantic monsters and skilled hunters? Find out in our review

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, avid fans of the series know very well, he is not just any Monster Hunter. This is the definitive chapter, the sum of everything there has been in the past, every refinement in the mechanics of the gameplay of the series, obviously seasoned with new content developed ad hoc. Above all, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is not a recent title, at least in Europe: elsewhere it has already been available since 2016. Why then Capcom has decided to invest time and resources in a porting to Nintendo Switch, announcing it quickly and just as quickly releasing it on the market in the past few weeks?

The reasons are, in our opinion, at least three. First of all because Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is an important title, which fans have been clamoring for and for some time also in Europe. Second reason: because Nintendo Switch is selling beyond the rosiest expectations, and on the hybrid console of the Kyoto House at the moment there is no type of Monster Hunter, therefore free field for profitable investments. Lastly, because despite the relatively recent launch of Monster Hunter World (also on PC), the game offer in terms of gameplay is indeed similar, but definitely different in depth, at times more complex in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

But how Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate performs years after it first appeared on Nintendo 3DS? Is it worth buying on Nintendo Switch? And considering that Monster Hunter World has been released in the meantime, isn't it worth going straight to the next generation of hunters? We will try to answer all these questions in our review.

Old and New World - Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Review

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, as we have already had occasion to point out, it is a summa of the universe of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate of the "old generation". In short, the revised, corrected and definitive edition (Ultimate) of a specific generation of hunters (Generations); Monster Hunter World has ushered in a new era, and precisely because it is new also (at least for the moment) far from complete, let alone definitive. A single example suffices to clarify the concept a minimum: in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate they are present in everything 129 beasts to defeat. In Monster Hunter World this figure is reduced to a third: it must mean something.

Capcom is not a company that does not know how to evaluate the market trend: Nintendo Switch it is currently the console of large numbers, and for the moment there are no original titles in the Monster Hunter series designed for it: what better opportunity, therefore, to technically and visually update Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate and offer it at full price; which in fact happened in recent weeks, and sales seem to be going very well, despite the presence of Monster Hunter World on all other consoles and recently also on PC.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate <br> The hunt begins again on Nintendo Switch

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate su Nintendo Switch

But how is the "new world" of Monster Hunter World different from the "old world" of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate? The title we are reviewing proposes a well-known type of approach, classical, identical to all the other previous episodes of the genre. This results in the first initial moments in which the player is left a little to himself, in a brutal and violent world, where the strongest creature predominates within their environment. Where if a hunter ventures into the habitat of a colossal monster, the colossal monster slaughters him. We're not talking about a Soulslike, mind you, but that doesn't mean Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is giving newcomers discounts. So much so that the real ones satisfaction and enthusiasm real that fans of the series know well, they arrive only and only after the first hours of play, and only if the player manages to get there unscathed. Everyone else will have already abandoned Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for some time, or will have moved on to the much more accessible and prone to compromise Monster Hunter World.

Monsters and Hunters - Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Review

Having clarified the peculiar nature of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, it is appropriate to underline for all newcomers the game offer in terms of gameplay. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is the definitive title of a series where monsters reign supreme: gigantic, colossal dinosaur-like monsters mixed with a pinch of healthy fantasy, but always highly credible within the game world and their habitat. . The protagonist is a cacciatore, and will take care of slicing them all, gradually unlocking new bigger and more threatening ones, and thus obtaining access to increasingly interesting rewards: with the proceeds of the hunt, in terms of resources and money, he will be able to build sparkling and coveted armor.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate <br> The hunt begins again on Nintendo Switch

I colossal monsters Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate has no health bars indicating its life, there are no such suggestions. To understand when and how we will be about to defeat him we will have to notice how nature behaves: its movements, breathlessness, attitude can say many things to the eye of the expert hunter. This "richness" in terms of pure gameplay is counterbalanced by a general narrowness of the game environments, maps and explorable areas: always remember that we are on Nintendo Switch, but that the title was designed for Nintendo 3DS, developed with the resources of that specific hardware.

Anyway, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate has made a good look before arriving on Nintendo Switch: enriched polygonal models, revised aliasing and above all the arrival of high definition (we go from 240 p of NIntendo 3DS to 720 p of Nintendo Switch in portable mode and 1080 p in TV mode) are just some of the reasons that could push even players who bought an import version of Monster Hunter Generations to a new purchase Ultimate on Nintendo 3DS in Japanese language. This, and the fact that your 3DS save can be transferred to the Nintendo Switch, to restart the hunt where we left off.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: the verdict of the review

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is for Western players an unmissable opportunity: despite the series has gone further with Monster Hunter World, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate allows you to breathe one last time the atmosphere, the challenges and the sensations of the chapters that made the franchise great. The level of difficulty is high, the graphic detail is still a compromise within a porting made perhaps in a short time, however within the game card (or digital download) there is the whole story of Monster Hunter, in terms of gameplay, monsters and possibilities. If you have Nintendo Switch, the purchase is almost mandatory.

8.5 An unmissable title on Nintendo Switch

Points in favor

  • Very high number of creatures
  • Deep and polished gameplay
  • Enjoyable online and offline

Points against

  • Porting perhaps a bit hasty
  • The birth on Nintendo 3DS is noted
  • In Europe it is very late
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