Monopoly online for free thanks to Ubisoft

The news is recent and comes directly from Ubisoft Spain; in partnership with Hasbro and Uplay, has made Monopoly available online for free

Below is the Ubisoft press release: 

Ubisoft, in partnership with Hasbro, announces that MONOPOLY®, one of the most popular games ever, will be playable for free on PC for one week from now until April 27th.

The ability to play MONOPOLY® for free is part of the initiative Ubisoft® launched this month to offer support to people forced home from quarantine. The initiative includes many other offers, trials and discounts to give everyone new opportunities to have fun with family and socialize with friends while maintaining social detachment in the safety of their homes. All offers will be available at


With MONOPOLY®, players can have fun with the videogame version of the famous board game on three different and animated 3D boards. As they progress and invest in new and fascinating neighborhoods with unique personalities, cities will evolve and grow accordingly. At the start of each match, they will be able to choose one of six official house rules selected by MONOPOLY® fans around the world, or aim for shorter matches by choosing a new goal from five special milestones.


For more information on the MONOPOLY® video game, visit

Play Monopoly Online: Free Starting Today

The seven-day trial period proposed by Ubisoft includes Monopoly, but allows you to try many other games for free as well. The timing is of course perfect, given the quarantine; this title has always been loved by young and old and it could be a great way to spend time with family or friends of different ages. If, on the other hand, you can't do without the charm of handling your own board game, you can find alternatives here. 

If the famous party game to spend the quarantine between mortgages and building speculations is not for you, there are two cases. You may not be a fan of the genre, but if so, Ubisoft has many alternatives to offer; or you are a lover of physical board games. In the latter case, it might interest you to better understand what makes physical play so fascinating.

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