Megaquarium review: let's open our own aquarium

The new simulation game Megaquarium leaves us pleasantly surprised, discover with us the rating and the details of our review

From the most famous virtual life game, to the most bizarre game about a vacuum cleaner, i simulation games have over time acquired considerable notoriety and have always satisfied the players who were looking for a life simulator or something particularly realistic. Today we are going to review a new simulation game: Megaquarium.

Who has never dreamed of having their own aquarium and deciding which ones minnows or which ones giant crustaceans see in your living room? From today all this is possible, thanks to Megaquarium, a game of simulation and strategy, available from September 13th su Steam made and published by Twice Circled, the same developers as Big Pharmaceuticals.

Megaquarium: we create our aquarium from scratch | Review

The game is based on a simple but effective idea, in fact the main objective of this new indie is to open yours personal aquarium, take care of your many animals, and earn money, which you will use to beautify and enlarge your aquarium. Megaquarium provides for a tutorial initial called Sunnyside, which will be your first level to pass, in order to access the rest 9 levels of the game.

Techigames personal aquarium

Megaquarium: tutorial sunnyside

In first chapter you will learn i basic controls, completing the target placed at the top right of the screen and you will have the opportunity to spend your first money on some basic constructions, which you will find described in the objectives window. As a first construction you will have yours first aquariums and relative filters, used to hold clean water, after which you will be prompted to insert the tool for the temperature control, and then you can finally enter your first courses minnows (Azure Demoiselle) inside our aquarium.

The aquarium can be decorated , packaged in recycled paper different types of objects like stones and seaweed redeemable every time you increase by rank, and you will meet the necessary requirements to have them, namely i necessary ecology points. Once the preparations are complete it will be possible to hire ours first employee within the staff. The task of the staff members will be of distribute food to various animals and take care of failures of the various machines installed previously.

Good now the moment has come that you all expected, that is open your aquarium to the public for the first time. Once opened, your first visitors will begin to enter and pay the admission price and will add ecology points to yours balance. These ecology points are required to unlock new animals and new items to place in your aquarium.

Megaquarium Orchid Dottyback

The goal of the game is to be as realistic and as possible faithful to the dynamics of the marine world, to give a real simulation of the management of an aquarium. In fact, every new little fish has gods requirements, which we will have to respect, to do so live longer and prevent it from dying.

To get new items, new decorations and new animals, we will have to increase ours rank, that is the number of stars collected, obtainable by inserting the various objects and animals inside the aquarium, in fact these stars turn out to be a kind of rating points of visitors. Also, increasing your rank level will automatically bring a greater number of visitors. Visitors sometimes might getting tired during the visit, and that is why there is the section dedicated to food and visitor needs. Within this section, you will find various distributors, benches and everything you need to take care of the needs of our guests.

Megaquarium rank

Megaquarium: now it gets serious! | Review

Once finished the first chapter the time comes to start the real game. In second level, Namely North Woods, you will be asked to take care of an old aquarium. In this new chapter we will face a new one series of challenges, which they will test, based on the difficulty level chosen, our abilities strategic and decisive. For example, the first animal that will pique our interest is the Zebra Moray Eel: the latter will increase in size, and therefore in the space occupied in the aquarium, after a period of time. In addition to those already mentioned, we will have another seven levels to tackle.

Also for those looking for a real challenge, there is no need to worry, because before starting the game the game allows you to choose the level of difficulty (easy, normal, hard and brutal).

Megaquarium, new types of aquariums and decorations

Megaquarium: sandbox | Review

A new one was also expected modeCalled Sandbox. We have been waiting for his arrival to be able to bring you a more complete review. The new challenge launched by the Twice Circled team offers the possibility for players to change your gaming experience, in fact, you can decide whether to further increase the level of difficulty, using the "Limited Apply", Or you can make your life easier with the"Quick Start". For those who want a totally personalized gaming experience, they can easily decide which ones advantages e disadvantages have before the game starts.

Megaquarium sandbox

The interface of the game is a lot intuitive, and you have no problem finding the items we need. Sometimes you may have to manually close the game windows, because they accumulate with every element you want to analyze, but other than that, it doesn't change the simplicity and excellent game setup. The graphics by Megaquarium it is not demanding at all, in fact it is not a heavy game, and it does not require any special work from your computer. This is because we will limit ourselves to a choice limited to the quality of the ombre and texture. Regarding the audio of the game, you will hear one background music, somewhat relaxing and enjoyable, various sounds audible at each click on the interface. It will not create problems even for those who like to keep the volume high, however fully enjoy the game experience.

Overall the game works and you allows you to pass the time in a pleasant way. The title is within everyone's reach thanks to simplicity of the various commands, and at low technical requirements graphics. So if you are a lover of those games that amuse you with simple goals, which become a hobby, and that they are playable on any PC, Megaquarium is just the thing for you.

7.5 Unexpected!

Points in favor

  • Made from an original basic idea
  • Fluid and intuitive gameplay
  • Significant amount of content available

Points against

  • Visitor mechanics are not always impeccable
  • Repetitive after a few finished levels
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