Little Big Workshop Review: Create your own factory

Dive into your work table to create factory number 1. But will it really be worth it? Let's find out in this Little Big Workshop review

Little Big Workshop is a management video game in which you have to build your own factory with the aim of becoming the number one company. The game is developed by Mirage Game Studios and published by HandyGames with THQ Nordic and will be available on Steam since 17 October with lyrics completely in Spanish. The publisher duo has recently been dealing with a large number of independent games including this one. In Little Big Workshop they take on the role of owner of a company: You will have to build your production chains, plan the construction of objects and accumulate more and more money to avoid going bankrupt.

Little Big Workshop Review: Create your own factory

Become number one

The game has no real storyline. The aim of the game is to become the number one company in terms of income on the ranking drawn up by Ferb’s (obvious parody of the well-known Forbes magazine). Already from here you can understand the ironic vein of the game and light tones that permeate the whole production. In fact, we advise you to read the descriptions of the companies because some turn out to be so funny, from the war company with the description full of censorship to the Nemesis Inc. tangled up in all kinds of shady deals. The latter represents ours rival, will be the company to beat whose owner will call us from time to time during our game to offend us and our factory.

Starting off, the game offers us a short and simple tutorial to teach us the basic mechanics of the title. At the end of it we are immediately catapulted into the actual gameplay. If you might feel a little confused at first, after a few minutes we can understand the mechanisms that allow us to better manage our factory. Little Big Workshop turns out to be practical and intuitive, it could be great starting point for those who are not used to the genre and would like to start approaching it with a simple title. However, we recommend that you consult the guide present in the game that illustrates the various possibilities offered by the game, very useful in case of doubts about the mechanics.

Little Big Workshop Review: Create your own factory

Plan, Build, Sell - Little Big Workshop Review

Little Big Workshop allows us to control all aspects of running a company. We can build the factory floor plan by arranging rooms dedicated to a certain type of job. The game places no constraints on us, we are free to create our building as we please. In addition to the rooms dedicated to the production there are relaxation rooms, these will be very important for the recovery of the energies of our employees who in the absence of such rooms may even faint during work.

We can then purchase the machinery necessary for production. There are a large number of machines that allow you to work i materials in different ways. We will mainly make use of wood, metal and plastic. But they will not fail "Fabrics or machinery suitable for painting of products or workstations dedicated to mounting. Another important factor is hiring employees as they will go to burden the wage bill. Proper management will allow us to avoid going bankrupt and speed up product development processes. It is also possible promote them to specialists of a certain type of material, a function available after unlocking the appropriate skill from the sector "research and development".

At this point we can plan the construction of an object. We will be provided with a work chart for product planning, here it will be possible to choose the different materials to be processed and assign them to the various machines that we will have purchased. If at first it may seem very trivial by continuing i working diagrams will become more and more complex. Unfortunately, in the long run this system turns out to be a bit tiring and the increase in the amount of work only translates into more operations which, however, will always be the same and repetitive.

Little Big Workshop Review: Create your own factory

A strangled freedom - Little Big Workshop Review

La progression it is entrusted to the research and development department. The various ability they will allow us to unlock new machinery useful for the production of new items, hire more staff or expand the land of our company. The various skills will only be available after you have passed a certain number of objectives.

The objectives are divided into bronze, silver and gold, once all those in a category have been completed, new skills will be unlocked. Unfortunately this system it limits the freedom a little that the title would like to offer us. The goals are mostly related to the challenges of 5 regular customers available. It is quickly realized that the most profitable thing will be to build that type of product within the time limit. It is therefore simply a matter of choosing from a very small range of products and it simply waits for them to complete by waiting in front of the screen for whole minutes without the possibility of doing other actions. This goes to accentuate one very marked background repetitiveness because while the gameplay is simple for newbies, at the same time it turns out to be too much shallow and layered.

Not even the unexpected that happen from time to time can give us that long-awaited gameplay jolt. An invasion of rats or the presence of spies inside the company they will be resolved in a few seconds with the use of tools provided on the spot by the game. Instead of putting us in trouble, they will end up being aids because they will allow us to earn a few thousand coins in a few moments.

Little Big Workshop Review: Create your own factory

Our Work Table - Little Big Workshop Review

From a graphic point of view, Little Big Workshop lets itself be watched. The colorful and light-hearted style is pleasant and blends well with the tones of the game. Our company will be built on a work table and we will always be surrounded by brushes or pencils the size of it. The feeling is that of running a small dwarf factory and this makes the atmosphere very playful.

On the sound front there is not much to say, there is only one accompanying song which makes the title even more relaxed. The sore point of the audio sector is felt when we accelerate the time waiting for the production of the objects. Game noises are also speeded up and annoying, you will often want to play with the volume at minimum accompanied by other music of your choice. 

Little Big Workshop Review: Create your own factory

Is it worth it?

Little Big Workshop is a title that focuses on simplicity of play and the pleasantness of style. At the same time, however, a system of too slow and linear progression. Replayability is reduced to a minimum as the only real freedom granted to the player is that of building the rooms. Too little to entice the player to wait many hours without being able to do anything especially in the early stages of the game. We recommend the game only to a neophyte of the management genre who fears the complexity of competition. With Little Big Workshop you can get the experience waiting to move on to titles of a very different caliber.

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5 Only for management novices

Points in favor

  • Light-hearted and fun style
  • Simple and intuitive gameplay

Points against

  • Too repetitive
  • Little depth of gameplay
  • Progression to be reviewed
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