Kragmortha Review, How to make friends hate you | Replaying

Are you looking for a simple, fun ... and warlike party game? Kragmortha is for you!

With the same characters as Yes, Dark Lord, Kragmortha presents itself as a fun board party game (if you like Munchkin you can't miss it ...) that will pit players against each other, yet all united against the evil Rigor Mortis ...

After failing the missions in Yes, Dark Lord, in this game the stupid goblins have to clean Rigor Mortis' room without disturbing him from his necromantic studies but, as they are idiots, they try to steal the spells of the Evil Genius. Will they manage not to be given the dirty looks? Let's find out in Replaying!

Set up | Review Kragmortha

The game involves the use of:

  • Un board divided into boxes, each of which has a particular symbol on it (Grimoire, Parchment, Potion or Gems); two of them are occupied by Rigor Mortis' desk, others have a teleportation circle in addition;
  • 8 goblin pawns of various colors for as many players / trici;
  • The pawn of Stiffness of death;
  • Tokens Teleportation;
  • Bunch of cards Dirty look;
  • Deck of cards Movement, each of which has two symbols identical to those on the boxes (plus the joker Crystal Ball) and the image of a goblin or Rigor Mortis;
  • Bunch of cards Magic book, to stack blankets on Rigor Mortis' desk;
  • Shelves to modify the board according to the number of players.

Each player places their goblin token in the indicated space and draws 3 Movement cards. Rigor Mortis' pawn also goes in its place, the first player is chosen and then… The game begins!


Reach Rigor Mortis' desk as many times as possible. Or have another player get 4 dirty looks, which would cause them to lose the game.

Game Turn | Kragmortha Review

Kragmortha Review, How to make friends hate you | Replaying

On their turn, the player can play a Movement card with a goblin (by moving their goblin), or play a Movement card with Rigor Mortis (by moving the sorcerer). Starting from his own square, the character to be moved (goblin or sorcerer) must move to a contiguous square with one of the two symbols indicated and then possibly onto a second contiguous square with the other symbol. Once a Movement card is played, another one is drawn. Alternatively, you can completely discard your hand to renew it, but lose your turn.

For example, if Riccardo plays a Movement with Gems and a Book, he will have to move his goblin to a space contiguous with the symbol of the Gems and then, possibly, to a second space contiguous with the symbol of the Book. Movement cards can have the Crystal Ball symbol acting as a wild card: equivalent to any other symbol.

The goblins and the sorcerer then move across Kragmortha's board. During all these movements various things can happen:

  1. A goblin lands on an empty square: nothing happens;
  2. The Genius of Evil lands on an empty square: nothing happens;
  3. A goblin ends up on a square occupied by another goblin: this causes it to be pushed in any direction, even occupied by Rigor Mortis (see next point);
  4. A goblin ends up on the same square as Rigor Mortis (or more likely the opposite) who, interrupted in his precious necromantic study, throws a glare at the annoying minion, whose player / trice draws a glare card, in fact;
  5. A goblin reaches Rigor Mortis' desk and steals a spell from him: the player draws a Magic Book card and returns to the starting square;
  6. A goblin reaches a space with a teleportation circle and draws, guess what, a teleport token.

Function of the various elements

A Teleport token has variable effects: it can allow you to teleport to another space with the magic circle, or give you a dirty look or a magic book card.

The Magic Book cards have printed a number of runes, useful for decreeing the final victory. These also allow you to cancel the curses of the glare or pass them on to friends other stupid goblins.

A Bad Look card always gives a physical penalty, a penance: playing with one arm, speaking with the tongue against the cheek, playing standing ...

End of the game

If a participant collects four dirty looks, the game ends. Whoever, among the survivors, has the fewest Bad Look cards wins the game, in case of a tie, the runes are counted on the Magic Book cards.

Our opinions | Kragmortha Review

Kragmortha looks like a fun party game, with great illustrations and good materials. The idea of ​​physical curses has already been exploited in other games, but still excellent and satisfying (for others). The duration is variable, and also depends on the number of players / trici, in any case not too long to bore or exhaust those who are cursed and if a game is too short you can always play another. To the detriment it can be said that, in the long run, the games are a bit repetitive ...

Technical details | Kragmortha Review

  • Type: board game, party game
  • Author: Walter Obert, Riccardo Crosa, Massimiliano Enrico, Fabrizio Bonifacio and Chiara Ferlito
  • Illustrations: Riccardo Crosa and Mad4Gamestyle
  • Year of publication: 2007
  • Production house: Stratelibri
  • Distributed in Spain by: United Games
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Players: 2-8 players
  • Random: medium-low
  • Strategy: Medium-High
  • Age: 8+
  • Price in Spain: 27,70€
Kragmortha Review, How to make friends hate you | Replaying Kragmortha
  • board game, ages 8 and up, of rigormortis in Spanish
50,82 8.5 Not bad!

Points in favor

  • Quick to explain
  • Quick to play
  • Absurd curses

Points against

  • Repetitive mechanics, in the long run
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