Kisarta: kickstarter funded just one day after launch

Just one day after going online, Kisarta's Kickstarter has already found more than 200 supporters. But this is only the beginning

From the forges of Isola Illyon Edizioni a new setting for D & d Fifth Edition is coming. Its name is Kisarta and the Kickstarter, launched yesterday, has already reached the minimum number of financiers; but the project continues to attract new fans and this is not surprising at all. The latest proposal from Illyon house transports the players to Kisarta, a world full of dangers and horrors. Scary monsters, chaos, insanity and damnation are the key ingredients, and every adventure played in Kisarta promises exhilarating challenges and destabilizing nightmares.

Kisarta: a reality of damned souls and otherworldly horrors

In Kisarta, each player takes on the role of an awakened Soul in a tomb near the City of Limbo. In this dark and dangerous place, Souls are forced to fight, plot and investigate to discover ancient secrets hidden among the forgotten ruins and in the minds of the beings who live there. Only once these secrets are revealed, in fact, can the Souls hope to carve out a place within the plots of the Great Game, where true power resides.

During the adventures on Kisarta the players are not limited to the City of Limbo but rather, they train among the dark Domains, the seven planes controlled by as many powerful Guardians who rule them and alter their very essence in their own image. Here they face adversaries that transcend the common conceptions of space, time and reality, and are faced with horrors and wonders capable of destroying even the most steadfast minds.

The Kisarta Kickstarter

The Kisarta project includes a Basic Rules Manual, in print and digital version, and many additional contents, which can be unlocked by reaching the next goals. The Rules Manual will include a detailed description of the setting including the stories, legends, rules and dangers of the underworld Kisarta; an accurate description of all playable realms (Domains) including geography, politics and social characteristics; the rules for character creation and all the new mechanics that will make Kisarta a unique game.

The Kickstarter will be online until December 21, 2019, while the real RPG will arrive to lenders in February 2021. The Quickstarter of the game is already available for free on the Isola Illyon Edizioni website, to discover its basic mechanics and appreciate its horror nuances.

All the information on the setting of Kisarta and on the Kickstarter are available on the project page.

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