Jurassic World Evolution Review: A must-have for fans

Jurassic World Evolution is certainly the best title dedicated to the Jurassic World saga. A video game that aims to hit fans of the Jurassic world straight to the heart. Let's find out more in this review

The title developed by the English Frontier Developments is inspired by the saga Jurasic World from which he takes characters, settings and dinosaurs with both hands. It is a theme park-style management software that allows the player to build and manage a dinosaur theme park on six different islands. Jurassic World Evolution is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, e PC Windows.

The idea of ​​giving life to this product was born from the desire to NBCUniversal to accompany the release of the film with a video game Jurassic World - The destroyed kingdom (read our review), which recently debuted in theaters. The game was created by a development team of around 100 people, with a budget of less than $ 10 million.

Universal Pictures provided developers dinosaur models from movies to allow the game to reach the highest possible level of loyalty to the saga. To optimize the game's creation, the development team closely followed the films and read the novels by Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park and The Lost World, and various fan theories. Additionally, Universal and the team discussed various elements of the game together. It should be emphasized that the storyline of each of the films has been added to Jurassic World Evolution.

In all this, the guys at Frontier Developments will have been able to pack a product that lives up to the expectations of the large fan base of the Jurassic world? Let's find out!

Welcome to Jurassic Park - Jurassic World Evolution Review

In the original Jurassic Park movie, when things start to drift, the perennially optimistic benefactor of the world's first dinosaur zoo, John Hammond, reminds everyone that when Disneyland opened none of the rides worked properly. Mathematician Dr. Ian Malcolm cynically replies: "Yes, but ... John, if the Pirates of the Caribbean break the fences they won't eat the tourists!" This is the central dichotomy at the heart of the Jurassic World Evolution theme park. You are in charge of a newly opened dinosaur park and are asked to make it a success, while being constantly reminded that with each new dinosaur created you are increasingly precariously on the brink of disaster. Some of your advisors advocate scientific progress at any cost, while others think that playing God will almost certainly lead to chaos.

The fascination of building a theme park filled with prehistoric attractions is undeniable. Ethically the risk that it is really worth it, knowing that at any moment the attractions could break free from their chains and devour your clientele, is questionable. However, Jurassic World Evolution considers it futile to spend too much time pondering the philosophical merits of building a dinosaur zoo and he never takes himself too seriously. For example, in a realistic simulation of building a theme park full of dinosaurs, the moment a Tyrannosaurus Rex escapes and devours a poor granny you would end up in court accompanied by charges of "criminal negligence". Here, you don't even get a verbal warning. Your ticket sales only go down for three or four minutes, and then suddenly everyone decides to go back to your park while the keepers are still cleaning poor granny's blood. Let's face it, for those looking for a more serious simulation game this might seem like a flaw, but here it is a compromise that basically works.

Jurassic World Evolution is therefore a theme park, very similar to Zoo Tycoon, but gives players all the tools from the iconic movie to build theme parks, create dinosaur rides, and make money. Players are assigned to an archipelago called the Five Deaths, or Cinco Muertes, which contains all six islands from the books and films.

Starting with the first island, Isla Matanceros, players are tasked with building their own theme park from scratch. This involves erecting various buildings and structures, sending out expeditions to collect fossils and amber samples, and then extracting DNA to create dinosaurs. The player is in full control on where and how each structure is built (with some limitations imposed by the terrain, sometimes forced), and on which dinosaurs are created and where they are kept.

Maybe it's obvious, but make sure you keep herbivores and carnivores separate. It is an expensive and potentially dangerous lesson to learn.

Jurassic World Evolution Review: A must-have for fans

During the construction of the park, various missions or "contracts" are awarded by one of the three divisions that assist us, Science, Entertainment and Security. Completing these missions can aid in the growth of the park thanks to the sums of money received, as well as unlocking new items and research options. As Jurassic World Evolution goes on, and the player faces more and more pitfalls, these three groups start fighting each other for your favor and they will even begin to sabotage other divisions, sowing seeds for eventual chaos.

E it's not just enemies from within that players need to worry about. Mother nature is always a threat, a hurricane or typhoon can appear at any moment, damaging key buildings, or worse, breaking down important fences. Learning to juggle this way, while keeping each of the three contractual divisions, creatures, customers happy, and still working to build parks and fill them with new and interesting dinosaurs is the real key to success in Jurassic World Evolution.

These aspects take Jurassic World Evolution away from the "set and forget" type of game. Players must be constantly vigilant, making sure the fence feeders are full and the dinosaurs are healthy and happy, plus everything that running a theme park entails. The artificial intelligence of the dinosaurs adapts to the choices made by the player and the personalities and mental states of the creatures become additional aspects to be monitored. A dinosaur in discomfort will shake, and bad things will happen!

Jurassic World Evolution Review: A must-have for fans

Let's Play God - Jurassic World Evolution Review

Jurassic World Evolution shines with how it captures the true spirit of the franchise's story by Jurassic Park. If you think the series is about unleashed dinosaurs, you are wrong. Michael Crichton and Steven Spielberg created this narrative as a kind of cautionary tale for science. Man's arrogance in playing God, to tamper with and challenge natural selection and evolution, only to have to deal with the horrible consequences.

Jurassic World Evolution beautifully recreates this theme. In fact, the game allows the player to build their own Jurassic World dinosaur theme park with attractions and research facilities, with the aim of making a profit… finally facing the consequences of their choices.

We build and experiment!

Essential buildings and structures featured in the game include the Expedition Center, which sends paleontologists to fossil excavation sites in order to obtain the DNA content of the dinosaurs. DNA sequencing unlocks new dinosaurs and updates their stats, such as lifespan and resilience. With sufficient DNA content, players can use the Hammond Research Center to breed and incubate dinosaurs. Players can also improve the dinosaur gene and make them evolve integrating the DNA of modern species into these dinosaur genes to fill in their gaps. These dino DNA tweaks will change the dino's base stats, from their aggression level to their appearance.

The game features a terrain tool that allows players to change the environment, such as planting trees and creating water sources.

Dinosaurs are the main attractions of the game. The game features around 40 dinosaur species at launch. Players have to build enclosures to hold dinosaurs for visitor viewing. The needs of different dinosaurs, such as the type of food they eat and the extent of social interactions they require, must be met in order to keep them healthy and satisfied. Dinosaurs, controlled by artificial intelligence, will interact with each other and with the environment. For example, carnivores will attack other carnivores of a different species while carnivores will hunt herbivores.

Players must also cobstruct various entertainment ridesas well as services such as restaurants and shops to satisfy guests. An example of a tourist attraction is the Jurassic World Gyrosphere and Monorail. Players can too use photo mode of the game to take pictures of the dinosaurs, which also help the park earn money and advertising. Since the construction and expansion of the park and the incubation of the dinosaurs require a large sum of money, the entertainment branch is the park's main source of income. Entertainment facilities and services have their own management system, where players can set and regulate membership fees and the amount of staff present at each facility.

In addition to the campaign, eventually unlocks a sandbox island. This sandbox island frees the player from some restrictions, as everything is unlocked and the money is unlimited, allowing players to tinker with genomes in total freedom.

Jurassic World Evolution Review: A must-have for fans

Let's face the unexpected!

There are various emergency situations that can happen in the park, including power outages, unpredictable weather conditions and dinosaur escapes, which must be addressed by the players in order to ensure the safety and happiness of the guests. Players can build an ACU Center and Ranger Station, which are responsible for maintaining park safety, sedating escaped dinosaurs, treating sick dinosaurs, transporting dinosaurs, fixing fences, and more. However as we have pointed out before, these difficulties are quite easy to overcome and they do not involve serious economic and legal damage as one would expect from a real simulation.

Players can also control vehicles such as helicopters and 4 × 4 trucks to complete certain tasks. Players can also play as fence maintenance personnel from a first person perspective. Emergency shelters can be built to protect guests, as well as other security facilities such as power grid redundancies and early warning centers. Many of these security facilities can be upgraded to enhance their efficiency when dealing with emergencies.

Jurassic World Evolution Review: A must-have for fans

How much attention to detail - Jurassic World Evolution Review

Jurassic World Evolution uses real human faces from characters from the film series. Jeff Goldblum, BD Wong and Bryce Dallas Howard reprise their original roles, as they will advise the player in building the parks.

The dubbing is top notch from each actor and the sound effects are taken directly from the movies, each dinosaur looks authentic. Even the music is taken directly from John Williams' original soundtrack, making the involvement, especially in terms of sound, unparalleled.

All this, accompanied by an obsessive level of graphic detail in the care of characters and creatures, it makes you feel really crazy part of John Hammond's dream.

Jurassic World Evolution Review: A must-have for fans

Un must-have per i fan – Recensione Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic World Evolution is a title unmissable for fans of the prehistoric saga most famous ever but not convincing enough for those looking for a deep management system. Moving on to some obvious problems, including theabsence of localization in Spanish language (texts included) and some aspects of economic management and safety that are too simplified, Jurassic World Evolution will be able to guarantee you several hours of leisure in the most dangerous amusement parks ever.

8.5 Un must-have per i fan!

Points in favor

  • Unrivaled loyalty to the film saga
  • Pleasant to see
  • Soundtrack
  • Dynamics between factions
  • DNA experimentation

Points against

  • Some management aspects that are too simplified
  • Lack of localization in Spanish
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