Indie World: summary of the event of 14/04/2021

Indie World: summary of the event of 14/04/2021

Endless curved balls for an event capable of surprising: with Indie World there was no shortage of surprises, as you will see in our summary

After a mere twenty-four hour notice as per tradition, theIndie World of Nintendo has finally arrived among us and we are here to offer you ours summary. We may have already published the most important news, but this recap is mainly for those who have lost the announcements and want to retrieve them in a shorter written form and / or those who want to make a simple point of the situation. In both cases, after the video you will find a list of all the main announcements: if you want, consider this our latest spoiler alert, because from here on we will be quick and systematic.

Our recap of April's Indie World

The announcements of the Indie World have followed one after the other in the arc of twenty minutes of material that we have seen, but with this summary you should be able to find out. When in doubt, the surprises were as follows:

  • Road 96: French indie first person, procedural narrative, inspired by road movies, features a crossroads plot, comes out this year.
  • Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield: runner with an abstract but lively style, set in a Detroit inspired by Tokyo, will be released on May 19th, the demo is available right now.
  • Last Stop: three stories intertwined with a subjective view, comes out in July.
  • Hindsight: an introspective experience from the vague trailer with an abstract graphic style, comes out this winter.
  • OlliOlli World: new title from Roll7, a balanced runner in difficulty, shows off multiple paths in level design, will give us the opportunity to meet many characters, will give us a hard time with the various tricks that can be performed in the world of Radland, comes out this winter.
  • The Longing: a sort of graphic adventure, devoted to exploration, in which 400 days pass in real time, already available.
  • There is No Game – Wrong Dimension: a point-and-click puzzle game that simulates the absence of gameplay by a game that refuses to launch, already available.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Shredder’s Revenge: TMNT Turtles In Time-inspired side-scrolling beat-em-up releases this year.
  • Crystals: a classic role-playing game in which we can manipulate time to win the battle, is released on July 20.
  • Getsufumanden – Undying Moon: a side scrolling souls-like similar to Blasphemous, offers challenging bosses, many weapons with which to defeat them, will only be released in 2022.
  • Aztech – Forgotten Gods: a Mexican "cultural" action-adventure title that mixes futuristic technology with Aztec mythology, is out this fall.
  • Skul – The Hero Slayer: a 2D roguelite platformer in which to change your head with others to change your skills, is out this summer.
  • Final roundup: in order, we have art of rally (estate), KeyWe (August), Labyrinth City – Pierre the Maze Detective (spring), Weaving tides (May), The House of The Dead Remake (2021) Ender Lilies – Quietus of The Knights (June 22), Beasts of Maravilla Island (June) and Fez (already available).
  • Indie World themed sales: Several indie games are currently available - outside of what we mentioned in our recap - on sale on Nintendo eShop.
  • Final surprise: this year we will have the unexpected (especially on Nintendo Switch) sequel Oxenfree II – Lost Signals.

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