How to paint Games Workshop miniatures - Tutorial 6: Sam

How to paint Games Workshop miniatures? In this tutorial, we will show you a number of painting techniques for decorating your Citadel miniatures. In this new guide we will see which steps to follow to paint Sam Gamgee's model

Welcome back to Painting workshop by techigames! After the previous tutorial on Legolas, which you can view on this page, here we are with a new guide in which we will see how to paint your model of Sam Gamgee, with very simple techniques using colors Citadel and be able to expand your collection of miniatures Games Workshop than undertake the Strategic Battles Game in Middle-earth.

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Tutorial 6: Sam Gamgee – Come dipingere miniature Games Workshop (Citadel)

Samvise Gamgee, better known as Sam, is Frodo Baggins' faithful hobbit. After overhearing the secret conversation between the latter and Gandalf the Gray regarding the One Ring of Sauron, Sam is forced by the wise sorcerer to join Frodo to first reach the village of Bree and then Rivendell, the home of King Elrond, where the Fellowship of the Ring is born. Gifted with great fortitude, Sam follows Frodo even after the dissolution of the Fellowship at Amon Hen, reaching as far as Mordor and facing numerous dangers, which until then were unknown to a young hobbit from the Shire. Frodo and Sam are joined by Gollum, who however is secretly desirous of regaining possession of the Ring. After Shelob, the giant spider, captures Frodo, Sam comes to his friend's rescue, rescuing him and accompanying him to Mount Doom to destroy the Ring.

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To know the different basic painting techniques, useful for all Games Workshop miniatures, we recommend that you visit this page.

Phase 1: Cleaning and Assembling by Sam Gamgee | How to paint Games Workshop (Citadel) miniatures

As already seen in the previous tutorials, the first thing to do before starting to paint your Sam Gamgee miniature is to carefully remove all the excess burrs that remain after the casting process and you can use a classic cutter or wire cutter. . Don't worry if you mistakenly etch your model, as these small marks will be covered in Citadel paints later. There are several metal and plastic versions of Sam Gamgee similar to each other; some have the sword in plain sight, so in this case be careful not to bend or break it during this operation!

Once this is done, fix your Sam miniature onto the base with the cyanoacrylate glue.

Your model of Sam Gamgee at the end of the assembly phase

Phase 2: base color | How to paint Games Workshop (Citadel) miniatures

Once the model is assembled, you will need to give a color base to better adhere the shades you will apply later. To get a uniform layer of color use Citadel spray and in particular Chaos Black, as illustrated in the previous tutorials. Be careful and make sure you use this technique in well-ventilated areas.

Spray Citadel Chaos Black

As an alternative to the spray, you can apply Citadel Abaddon Black paint in a bottle. It can happen that this is too thick and to solve the problem add a drop of water and dilute it slightly on a palette, but be careful not to overdo it, otherwise it will not be enough to cover your miniature!

Your model of Sam after the Chaos Black primer

Step 3: Paint Sam Gamgee's Pants, Shirt & Jacket | How to paint Games Workshop (Citadel) miniatures

To start painting Sam's shirt use Pallid Wych Flesh as the base shade. When the color is dry, dilute the Adminatum Gray with a little water on the palette and then apply a wash to create a shadow effect. Once this is done, restore the base color only on the raised parts. For the buttons use Baneblade Brown with an XS Artificer Layer brush.

Practical tip: It may take several coats of the base color, as this is a very light color that contrasts with the black primer.

For the trousers and jacket, first apply an even base of Mechanicus Standard Gray, then wash with Nuln Oil (Abaddon Black diluted with water is fine too) and let it dry completely. Then pass the base color over the outer folds and then the Dawnstone with the ruling technique. Finally, apply the Administratum Gray with the edging.

For the hem of the vest, which comes out from under the jacket, use Adminatum Gray.

Citadel colors recommended for Sam's clothes

Step 4: Paint Sam Gamgee's Belt, Pouch & Bottle | How to paint Games Workshop (Citadel) miniatures

Paint Sam Gamgee's belt and bottle with Rhinox Hide as the base shade. When the color is dry, apply a black wash only on the bottle, then lighten it with Mournfang Brown using the dry brush technique.

For the belt buckle you can use Runefang Steel with an XS Artificer Layer brush.

For the bag, first apply the Tallarn Sand and then shade it with a wash by diluting the Rhinox Hide with a little water. Once this is done, highlight the raised parts with the Karak Stone.

Shades of brown for Sam's leather parts

Step 5: Paint Sam Gamgee's Cloak | How to paint Games Workshop (Citadel) miniatures

Paint the coat with Castellan Green, being a dark green ideal for the base color, then do a black wash with Nuln Oil to create the shadows.

Citadel Shade Nuln Oil ideal as an ink to create shadows.

When the ink is dry, apply the Loren Forest with the ruling technique, spreading the green in the direction of each fold of the coat, in order to make it lighter. Finally, for an additional luminous effect you can use the edging technique by mixing Loren Forest and Nurgling Green in equal parts.

Citadel paints for Sam's cape

Practical tip: For the ruling technique on the folds of the coat, we recommend using a fine-tipped brush, as these are very small details.

Step 6: Paint Sam Gamgee's Backpack | How to paint Games Workshop (Citadel) miniatures

Start painting all the leather parts of the backpack with the Rhinox Hide and the blanket with the Mechanicus Standard Gray. For the pot, pan and spoon apply Leadbelcher instead. After these colors are dry, pass a black wash all over. Once this is done, use a fine-tipped brush and highlight the leather parts with the Doombull Brown and Karak Stone and the metal parts with the Ironbreaker with the ruling technique. To lighten the blanket, use a dry brush with Administratum Gray.

For the bands of the backpack around Sam's shoulders you can apply the Mechanicus Standard Gray on the basic black color always with a dry brush but very lightly.

Citadel colors suggested for decorating the backpack

Step 7: Paint Sam Gamgee's Sword | How to paint Games Workshop (Citadel) miniatures

To paint Sam's sword, first apply Leadbelcher as a base color and, when this is dry, apply a wash of Nuln Oil, using a small brush to avoid staining the surrounding areas that have already been completed. Then highlight the blade and the metal parts of the hilt with Runefang Steel using the ruling technique to bring out the details.

Leadbelcher e Runefang Steel

For the hilt and scabbard, use Rhinox Hide and lighten the outer edges with Gorthor Brown.

Step 8: Paint Sam Gamgee's Skin and Hair | How to paint Games Workshop (Citadel) miniatures

Sam's face, hands and feet should first be painted evenly with Cadian Fleshtone as the base shade. When the color is dry, apply a very light wash of Rhinox Hide to create a shading effect. Finally, apply Kislev Flesh with the ruling technique to highlight all the raised parts such as cheekbones, nose, forehead and fingers.

Colors suitable for painting Sam's skin

To paint Sam's brown eyes first use Ceramite White, then for the pupil use Mournfang Brown with an XS Artificer Layer brush. You can apply Rhinox Hide to the eyebrows.

Paint the hair and foot hair with Rhinox Hide, then do a black wash. Once this is done, with the dry brush technique pass slightly before the XV-88 and after the Balor Brown on the external strands to give a touch of brightness.

Step 9: Decorate Sam Gamgee's Base | How to paint Games Workshop (Citadel) miniatures

You can decorate the Sam Gamgee base giving space to your imagination; for example, you can recreate the green of the Shire and to do it just paint the entire base of Mournfang Brown first and, when the color is dry, glue the static grass with some vinyl glue.

Static Grass Games Workshop

Practical tip: to glue the static grass, first spread the glue on the upper part of the base, then dip it into a jar containing the grass, so that it adheres perfectly.

Alternatively you can apply Citadel Texture Stirland Mud or Astrogranite on top to create a rock effect and paint the sides with XV-88 or Mechanicus Standard Gray. To complete you can add Middenland or Mordheim Clods.

Citadel Texture for your bases

Clods of Middenland and Mordheim

With that done, your Sam Gamgee miniature is ready to join Frodo on the long journey to Mordor!

Your Sam Gamgee model is complete!

Come dipingere miniature Games Workshop (Citadel) – Tutorial 6: Sam Gamgee

This tutorial from the Techigames Painting Workshop dedicated to decorating Games Workshop miniatures (eg Warhammer or Lord of the Rings) also ends here. For any questions or requests we are available via the comments box below!

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