How to paint Games Workshop miniatures - Tutorial 21: Bilbo Baggins

How to paint Games Workshop miniatures? In this tutorial, we will show you a number of painting techniques for decorating your Citadel miniatures. In this new guide we will see which steps to follow to paint Bilbo's model!

Welcome back to Painting workshop by techigames! After the previous tutorial on warriors of the Last Alliance, which you can view on this page, here we are with a new guide in which we will see how to paint your model of Bilbo Baggins with very simple techniques using colors Citadel and be able to expand your collection of miniatures Games Workshop than undertake the Strategic Battle Game in Middle-earth.

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Tutorial 21: Bilbo Baggins - How to paint Games Workshop (Citadel) miniatures

Bilbo Baggins is a Hobbit from Hobbiville, a town in the County, who became famous among his people thanks to the adventures that have taken him away from home over the years. He is also Frodo's uncle, who is very fond of him. Bilbo, in his youth, participated in the expedition led by Gandalf the Gray and Thorin Oakenshield to recapture Erebor, the Lonely Mountain, where the mighty dragon Smaug had settled. During this expedition, the Hobbit met Gollum, from whom he took the Ring of Power of Sauron, the Dark Lord. In doing so, Bilbo has guarded the Ring with great care and for many years, unaware of its evil powers, and in the first film "The Companions of the Ring" he uses it on his 111th birthday, when he greets all his friends. friends before setting off on a new adventure to Rivendell. However, before leaving Hobbiville, Bilbo bequeaths the Ring to Frodo and under the wise advice of Gandalf, ignoring the fact that it may be the legendary One Ring of Sauron.

If you are interested in more information on Bilbo we refer you to the Wikipedia page.

To know the different basic painting techniques, useful for all Games Workshop miniatures, we recommend that you visit this page.

Phase 1: Cleaning and Assembling Bilbo Baggins | How to paint Games Workshop (Citadel) miniatures

As seen in previous tutorials, the first thing to do before starting to paint your Bilbo miniature is to prepare the model and that means carefully removing any excess burrs that remain after the casting process; to help you, you can use a classic cutter or wire cutters. Don't worry if you mistakenly etch your model, as these small marks will later be covered in Citadel Acrylic Paints.

Your base mounted Bilbo miniature

Step 2: Bilbo Baggins Base Color | How to paint Games Workshop (Citadel) miniatures

Once you have mounted the Bilbo Baggins model on its base, you will need to give it a background of color to perfectly adhere the shades you will apply in the next steps. Always remember that the important thing is to completely cover the metal your miniature is made of. To get an even layer of color use Citadel Chaos Black spray, as Bilbo is characterized by relatively dark shades. Be very careful when using the spray and be sure to use this technique in well-ventilated areas.

Citadel Chaos Black spray for the primer of your models

Alternative: if you cannot find the Chaos Black spray, use only the Citadel Abaddon Black bottle; shake the jar well to mix the color correctly, then use the brush to put a drop on the palette and add a drop of water to dilute it slightly, as too thick a color would be difficult to apply and ruin your miniature, covering the details. If the color is too liquid, add a little more to thicken it.

Bilbo's model after the black primer

Step 3: Paint Bilbo Baggins' Shirt and Scarf | How to paint Games Workshop (Citadel) miniatures

Bilbo's shirt collar and scarf are rather small details that deserve proper attention. Use a fine point brush and apply Screaming Skull as the base tone for the collar, then highlight with an equal parts mixture of Screaming Skull and White Scar with the border. For the scarf, instead, start by applying Caliban Green evenly, then apply Nuln Oil and finally highlight with Warpstone Glow and the ruling technique.

Citadel colors recommended for decorating Bilbo's collar and scarf

Step 4: Paint Bilbo Baggins' Pants and Waistcoat | How to paint Games Workshop (Citadel) miniatures

To paint Bilbo's pants you can apply Dryad Bark as a base color and then create a shading effect with Shade Nuln Oil. When the ink is dry, highlight all outer creases by applying Gorthor Brown with the ruling technique. To further lighten the bumps, use Baneblade Brown.

Citadel Shade Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade, the inks to shade your models Games Workshop

In the case of the waistcoat, however, it starts with a mix made up in equal parts of Mephiston Red and Tuskgor Fur as a background of color, after which it is appropriate to shade with the Shade Agrax Earthshade. Once this is done, lighten the highlights with Wazdakka Red, painting in the longitudinal direction of each fold with the ruling technique. For extreme highlighting add a very small amount of Screaming Skull to the Wazdakka Red (aspect ratio 25% -75% respectively) and define the edges. For golden buttons, Auric Armor Gold applied with a very fine tip brush is fine.

Citadel shades suitable for painting Bilbo's pants and waistcoat

Step 5: Paint Bilbo Baggins' Jacket | How to paint Games Workshop (Citadel) miniatures

Bilbo's jacket is a very dark red color and features green borders along the collar and cuffs. You can apply the layering technique, using Rhinox Hide evenly as a base and then performing a black wash with Nuln Oil. Now restore the base color on the outer areas, but add a small amount of Doombull Brown to each layer of highlight as you decorate the bumps. You can create an equal mix of Doombull Brown and Khorne Red for extreme highlighting. For the green borders use Castellan Green as a background color, then apply the Nuln Oil as usual and finally dry brush with the Nurgling Green, being careful not to stain the surrounding parts that you have already completed. As with the waistcoat in step 4, also in this case you can highlight the buttons with Auric Armor Gold.

Citadel paints to decorate Bilbo's jacket

Your Bilbo model at the end of stage 5

Step 6: Paint Bilbo Baggins' Skin and Hair | How to paint Games Workshop (Citadel) miniatures

Bilbo's face, hands and feet should first be painted with Cadian Fleshtone as the base color. When the flesh color is dry, apply a very light wash of Reikland Fleshshade (or very diluted Rhinox Hide) to darken the grooves of the miniature and thus create a shadow effect. Finally, apply Kislev Flesh with the ruling technique to highlight all the raised parts such as cheekbones, nose, forehead, chin and fingers.

Citadel Shade Reikland Fleshshade to shade the faces of your Games Workshop models

For eyebrows, hair and foot fuzz, start applying Mechanicus Standard Gray as a color base, and then wash with Nuln Oil. When the ink is dry, dry brush first the Dawnstone and then the Administratum Gray to highlight the surface areas.

Citadel Hair and Skin Shades by Bilbo

Step 7: Paint the Last Details of Bilbo Baggins | How to paint Games Workshop (Citadel) miniatures

Among the details that characterize Bilbo's model are the One Ring and his famous book "Round Trip". To paint the first, use Auric Armor Gold, applying it with the XS Artificer Layer brush, while the second is initially decorated with Dryad Bark as a base for the leather upholstery, while with the Screaming Skull for the pages. Once this is done, spread an even layer of Agrax Earthshade to give a depth effect, then lighten the reliefs of the pages with a light dry brush stroke of White Scar and finally highlight the cover with Doombull Brown with the ruling technique. For the central emblem he uses Runefang Steel and the precision XS brush.

Bilbo's final details

Step 8: Decorate Bilbo Baggins' base | How to paint Games Workshop (Citadel) miniatures

You can decorate Bilbo's base giving space to your imagination; for example, you can recreate the green of the Shire, painting the entire base with Mournfang Brown and gluing some static grass or modeling flock with the vinyl glue.

Static modeling grass

Practical tip: to apply the static grass or flock, first spread the glue on the upper part of the base, then immerse it in a jar containing the grass, so that it adheres perfectly.

Alternatively you can create a rocky effect on brown or gray, reminiscent of a different terrain from that of Hobbiville, such as in the adventures of Bilbo: in this case apply Citadel Texture Stirland Mud or Astrogranite on the top and paint the sides of XV-88 or Mechanicus Standard Gray. When the Texture is dry, gently drybrush a lighter color over the top of the base to highlight, such as Karak Stone in the first case or Adminatum Gray in the second. To complete you can add Mordheim or Middenland Clods.

Citadel Texture Stirland Mud e Astrogranite

Clods of Middenland and Mordheim

At this point your Bilbo Baggins miniature is ready to go on a new adventure in Middle-earth!

Your Bilbo model is complete!

How to paint Games Workshop (Citadel) miniatures - Tutorial 21: Bilbo Baggins

This tutorial from the Techigames Painting Workshop dedicated to decorating Games Workshop miniatures (eg Warhammer or Lord of the Rings) also ends here. For any questions or requests we are available via the comments box below!

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