Gatto Matto Review: a puzzle game

A game that purrs for lovers of puzzles and solo games. Don't miss this scratchy review of Gatto Matto

Gatto Matto was presented at Lucca Comics & Games 2019, is a solitaire game consisting of 48 puzzles published by Raven Distribution. The aim of the game is to arrange the cats on the chosen figure so that they fit together perfectly, covering the entire surface. The cards have four difficulty levels, but the game is also suitable for children from the age of seven. The minimum game length is 15 minutes, but it's up to you and your skill in solving the puzzles to make the game last shorter or longer.

Components, rules and game development | Crazy Cat Review


This game is already beautiful from the packaging. We are faced with a rectangular-shaped box, the size of a hand. On the outer package there is the silhouette of a cat from which you can see the miniatures of the cats that we have to use to play, also inside the box there is a card that shows how to position these miniatures in the correct way so that they can be stored. all fine in the box. The components are two:

  • 48 puzzle cards, divided into four levels: 13 beginner level cards, 14 advanced level cards, 14 expert level cards and 7 master level cards
  • 12 little cats of different colors and shapes

Gatto Matto Review: a puzzle game


First rule of Gatto Matto, never talk about Gatto Matt ... ah no, sorry, that's another story. Crazy Cat has one rule: it is necessary to completely cover the grid of the chosen paper with the number of cats indicated on the paper without them coming out of the edges or leaving empty spaces.

Course of the game

To start we must choose a card to play with, obviously if it is the first time you play Gatto Matto then you will want to start from the beginner level. Once you have chosen the paper you have to follow the instructions written above: how many and which cats you need to complete it and the number of layers from which it is composed, the latter range from a minimum of one layer to a maximum of four. The game can now begin and your task is to fit perfectly the miniatures in order to cover the chosen figure. Do not worry if the first few times you fail to reach the goal and if the interlocking of the pieces is not clear to you, each card on the back has its solution.

Gatto Matto Review: a puzzle game

Conclusion | Crazy Cat Review

Gatto Matto is an essential game and learning the rules is as simple as drinking a glass of water. With its small size it is easily transportable and does not take up much space even when you go and play with it. Interesting is the fact that you can play solo and that there is no maximum limit, but that the number of participants increases at the discretion of the players. Considering the materials, it's a perfect game also in terms of value for money. Bottom line, this is possibly one of the coolest puzzle games I've ever played and it's great for keeping your mind in training.

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