FIFA 22 PC review: an own goal already seen

In this review we will analyze the "old-gen" version of FIFA 22, which is also what you get by buying the game on PC, although most users would have enough power to run the best version of the game

This review starts from the now distant 2013. The eighteen-year-old myself of the time was about to buy, as per tradition, the new and expected one FIFA 14, which would have brought as a dowry a series of innovations due to the transition toIgnite Engine, at the dawn of the next gen license plate PS4 e Xbox One. However, the new generation consoles would have officially come out on the market only a few months after the publication of the video game which is now canonically fixed between the end of September and the first days of October. Result of this complex launch? Although most of the PCs of the time would have easily been able to run the next gen version of the video game with dignity, they were mistreated without thinking twice, relegated to having the less impressive version of FIFA 14, devoid of all the news. without even thinking about an update (free or paid) once you arrive in the shining next gen variant.

History repeats itself, even in this case. The next gen by PS5 e Xbox Series X it has been around for several months now and this year EA has decided to repeat the same scheme. Next gen version on next generation consoles e PC players considered the last wheel of the wagon, relegated to a FIFA 22 which is nothing more than an updated FIFA 21 with news focused above all on the squad of modes rather than in the gameplay. This is why we are here to analyze FIFA 22 for PC, because it is also right to give a voice to those who, for purely marketing reasons, clash with this EA Sports policy. Despite all this, however, paradoxically, FIFA 22 for PC is still a video game that this year too it cannot fail to be recommended to all football lovers. Let's find out the (few) news of this title and why you should buy it.

Hypermotion Technology, but for whom? | FIFA 22 PC review

The biggest change introduced by FIFA 22 can be found in theHypermotion Technology, technology used with the aim of being able to build a more responsive and realistic gameplay that never. Well, forget about it if you buy the game on PC. On the other hand, as exposed in the introduction, FIFA 22 PC shares the same skeleton as FIFA 21 PC, but this is not necessarily a problem. In fact, many gamers who have the possibility of having both versions of the video game are not particularly appreciating the variations in gameplay made by Hypermotion Technology, preferring to invest their time on the old gen version. 

To analyze the gameplay in this review, we waited for the now classic to arrive update post launch, usually released to limit a series of issues that punctually characterize the title. That's right, even this year i goalkeepers Fortunately, they were balanced in a posthumous phase while on day one it was not uncommon to see them start at a height of three meters from the pitch to block the ball in the role of any neighborhood Superman. Overall, the feeling pad in the hand, compared to last year, had a game speed balance, calibrated slightly downwards with the aim of pushing a more strategic and technical approach. The much loved and adored skills that have characterized the series are now less incisive so as not to always be winning, pushing towards more realistic game situations. Finally, the impact of the fastest (especially in the strait) and fastest players unfortunately remains an unbalancing factor, mainly due to the poor management of the defenses but, unlike in the past, the construction in the central phase of the field is rewarded, rather than on the bands.

FIFA 22 PC review: an own goal already seen

Good l 'artificial intelligence, which slowly tries to free itself from the ties with the past, trying to propose spectacular and increasingly realistic game constructions. A tip: if you are still anchored to the "traditional" defense method, this year more than ever is the time to switch to "Tactical defense", as it is now decidedly more performing.

Why is FIFA always the best? | FIFA 22 PC review

Any FIFA player, at least once in their life (wanting to be reductive), has felt frustrated and chained in a gameplay not always able to enhance real skills. Nonetheless, the incredible abundance in the offer proposed by Electronic Arts has always been what tip the scales towards the EA simulation. Ultimate Team is the mode capable of being the game changer of the sector, a game mode that has always been worth the purchase price by itself. Few news in this regard, if not new cards to unpack, for an even deeper customization of the playing field where our team can compete.

FIFA 22 PC review: an own goal already seen

The real novelty lies in the change in the management of the matches of Rivals Division e FUT champions. In order to participate in the most loved weekly event by the community, it is now necessary to win at least 5 out of 9 heart-pounding qualifying matches, from real inside or out. Interesting news instead concern the optimization of the mode Pro club, with an even deeper customization of your character and faster games to play online with your friends.

One of the most snubbed innovations of the whole package, but which this year has enjoyed changes capable of attracting attention, is the VOLTA mode, the franchise's street football simulation. This year VOLTA manages to get closer to what everyone would like, more effectively than in the past, that is a return to the glories of FIFA Street. It succeeds in this task, however, only partially, introducing new ones power-up, new skills and an even deeper personalization and characterization of the character. The arrival of VOLTA Arcade, playlists of decidedly fun minigames (including soccer-tennis, dodge ball) in which you can bring your virtual avatar onto the field, challenging friends (and not) online.

Lights and shadows in the field | FIFA 22 PC review

As mentioned at the beginning, FIFA 22 PC is an expanded version of FIFA 21, with which it completely shares the basic system, both as regards the graphics engine than physical. This results in a visual sector almost identical to last year, except for some menus and small animations. Really a pity that there was not even the effort to include some features of the next gen version that would not have required special requests in terms of power, such as the differentiated celebrations for last-minute victory goals. Nothing to complain about the audio sector that sees protagonists Lele Adani e Pierluigi Pardo to the commentary booth and various hits of the moment to accompany the navigation through the game menus.

FIFA 22 PC review: an own goal already seen

It's time to take stock

FIFA 22 for PC is a controversial title to judge because, if on the one hand the repetition of this unpleasant marketing choice can only infuriate PC players, on the other, the offer proposed by EA (now consolidated over time) allows you to enjoy all those who are strong points of the most played football simulation in our country. A huge shame considering the shortage of next-generation consoles on the market, an improved version of FIFA 22 for PC would inevitably become this year's benchmark.

FIFA 22 PC review: an own goal already seen FIFA 22 Standard Pcwin - PC
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Points in favor

  • It's FIFA
  • Infinite modes
  • The best football simulation

Points against

  • Old gen version
  • Old gameplay
  • No graphic retouching
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