Farming Simulator 19 review: back to the countryside

Here is the review of Farming Simulator 19, a video game by Giants Software. The quintessential rural life simulator that takes you firsthand to experience the experience of a new farmer 

After last year's break,  Giants Software is finally back with a new chapter of the famous Farming Simulator. In this Farming Simulator 19, will the developers be able to correct the defects of the previous chapters? Let's find out together.

Farming Simulator 19: Let's take a look at this farming life | Review

Initially you can choose whether to start immediately with the Career Mode, or with a small tutorial that will show you how to take the first steps in the game. Starting to guide the various means and practice how to plow the land, sow, fertilize the soil and finally reap what you have previously sown. 

Farming Simulator 19 review: back to the countryside

Career mode | Review

In Farming Simulator 19 career mode, you will be able to choose one of the three available game modes: New Farmer, Farm Manager and Start from Scratch. In the first you will immediately have available land to work, buildings and machinery useful for the cultivation of your lands. This mode is meant for those who are new to this game genre. In fact, if you choose this path, you will be accompanied step by step through the various activities of Farming Simulator 19.

In Agricultural Director modeInstead, you will have an average high budget, but you will not have any land or machinery. This mode is more suited to veterans of the series who prefer to fully manage their farm. Finally, we find the mode Start from scratch designed for those who are now experts in managing a company. In this mode you will have an extremely limited budget and you will have neither land nor agricultural vehicles, in fact those who adopt this mode will face a fairly difficult adventure.

History and activities | Review

Although the three different modes that we have presented to you have different levels of difficulty, the story behind Farming Simulator 19 is always the same. In this title you will have to grow your farm, pondering your decisions and choosing the right time to make them while working, however, always with extreme professionalism and punctuality. In this rural adventure you will be busy plowing the land, sowing, fertilizing, taking care of your field by removing any weeds that could contaminate your crop and finally harvesting what you have sown.

Then you can sell your crop to earn and make a nest egg to invest to grow your business. Or you can store your crop in silos, so that it can be used in the future and sell it when you can make more money on that product. There are several points of interest to purchase, such as restaurants, ports, railway stations. There are many tools available to do your job so do not worry. In fact, you can choose from a multitude of agricultural machinery, all of which belong to major brands that distribute agricultural machinery. 

Farming Simulator 19 review: back to the countryside

In addition to agriculture, you can also develop farming and forestry, fundamental elements in Farming Simulator 19, made with extreme attention to detail. Farming does not only commit you to animal nutrition to then collect the product, but you also need to take care of the place where the animals such as chickens, pigs, cows and, for the first time, horses live.

For example, droppings can be collected and then used to fertilize your growing medium. Forestry is very simple to carry out, as you only need to cut the trees and then use the timber, selling it as wood or obtaining chipboard that will be useful for your stables. The only difficulty is to collect the money necessary to buy the very expensive tools of the trade

A very special thing in this chapter of Farming Simulator 19 is the calcification of the soil, that is, spreading lime on the ground and restoring its productivity. This series of tasks to be performed at some point cannot be handled by just one person, in fact Farming Simulator 19 allows you to hire workers to entrust some production phases of your fields. Hiring new staff allows you to work on on-call contracts offered by other workers, which increases your earnings. If the tools available are insufficient, they can be purchased or rented.

Equipment and vehicles | Review

Are so many the machinery in Farming Simulator 19. There are some tools that allow you to move more quickly within your lands, others that allow you to safely transport animals, wagons that allow us to transport products from various fields and even the most technological and functional machinery for cultivation, harvesting and many other tasks.

The means are possible buy in the country shop and subsequently customize and repair them at specialized workshops. However, despite the excellent workmanship of the vehicles, they are very slow and with a very low steering capacity.

Farming Simulator 19 review: back to the countryside

Farming Simulator 19: technical aspects | Review

As far as the 'technical aspect, there are various elements that have not convinced us. In fact, during the transport of any product, it remains completely stationary despite the differences in height of the road traveled, in addition to this there are also frame drops especially while navigating the map, but also the physics is not the best. As for agricultural vehicles, on the other hand, they are impeccably made and this perfection makes Farming Simulator 19 a title to have absolutely if you are passionate about the countryside but also the genre.

As we said previously, however, the same speed in all the tools and the reduced ability to steer contribute to making the pace of play, already slow in itself, even flat and in the long run boring, for those who do not like the genre. But at the same time it also disappoints lovers of the agricultural sector and everything related to it. As for the sound there is the possibility of turning on the radio on various frequencies. Which is really nice, but if you drive with the camera outside the vehicle it is very annoying because the noise of the tool overwhelms the music we are listening to.

I remind you that Farming Simulator 19 is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One e PC, we tested it on PS4. Also to not miss any news on Farming Simulator 19 but also on many other titles, keep following the pages of techigames.

7 Recommended for lovers of the genre

Points in favor

  • The tools and vehicles are cared for down to the smallest detail
  • Various activities to be carried out during the game experience

Points against

  • The graphics in some ways leave something to be desired
  • Reduced vehicle speed and difficulty in steering
  • If you don't like this genre, with time it becomes very boring
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