Evil Genome review: a metroidvania to try

We tried the latest effort by Crystal Depths, a studio of Chinese developers who want to revive the metroidvania genre. Their contribution? Evil Genome, out on Steam

Crystal Depths lands on Steam with a new metroidvania adventure in 2 / 2,5D to try absolutely. Highlights? The special features of the gameplay and level design. Weakness? The plot. 

Spatial radioactive wastes, Evil Genome offers an interesting setting but with a poorly developed plot

The plot of Evil Genome tells of the journey of the warrior Lachesis, who with her spacecraft crashed on a planet unknown to her.

He soon learns of the existence of a human civilization in the area, a group of miners at work in a mine which, it will be known later, is populated by deformed and mysterious creatures. A radioactive civilization, which uses radiation to survive, being so hostile to man. Lachesis will therefore have to bring to light the mystery of the subsoil, before the radiation also invades the surface, turning the entire planet into a radioactive cemetery.

A typical 2D metroidvania, with prominent RPG elements

Evil Genome is a 2D metroidvania, at some glimpses even in two and a half dimensions.

The Lanchesis character can use diversified melee attacks against enemies and various dodging and circumventing maneuvers, which come in handy in clashes with the most difficult enemies and bosses. Lachesis has the ability to use a sort of sword in his right hand and a firearm in his left, to be used to damage or kill enemies from a distance without getting in close. But these aren't the only features. Evil Genome also offers a character customization system, it is possible to make Lachesis wear different types of armor and weapons of various types.

In addition there is also a system of leveling the character, completing quests and progressing on the adventure. Evil Genome does not offer a free but binding experience to the main quest, with some glimpses of freely explorable settings. Last but not least, there is a tree of the protagonist's skill within the game. In fact, with the experience points earned in battle it will be possible to buy certain skills, active or passive, for our character.

Very good mechanics in the gameplay, which fall on the control of the character, with animations and above all woody and cumbersome movements, which make the experience less enjoyable. Even the action often turns into a machine with non-oiled gears, the fights want to look dynamic and acrobatic but, some animations of the enemies, their reactivity and that of Lanchesis, ruin the overall experience. 

Evil Genome is not a technical miracle, but it is "acceptable"

From a technical point of view, the game does not scream a miracle. A technical sector that often turns out to be not very modern but that he knows how to give his moments of pleasure, with boundless landscapes, city or desert as they are. The background part of the settings seems to be treated very well, instead the textures of the enemies sin. The polygonal models of the characters and enemies are also well done. The sound sector seemed to us of high quality, with the soundtrack really noteworthy. 

7.2 A metroidvania to try!

Points in favor

  • Gameplay with different mechanics;
  • Well-crafted RPG features;
  • Fantastic soundtrack.

Points against

  • Not very incisive plot;
  • Little freedom of movement;
  • Technical sector not inclined to the times.
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