E3 2021: all the announcements of the Square Enix Presents

The Square Enix conference has just ended. Let's go together to review all the announcements made by Square Enix Presents on the occasion of this E3 2021

In the Square Enix E3 appointment we had many confirmations, many insights but also some bombshell announcements. Square Enix is ​​once again reconfirmed as a publisher and a development house with an increasingly varied stock of titles. Originally linked to titles from the rising sun, Square in recent years has also shifted to the production of titles Western. We had confirmation of this in the last special event. So let's not waste time and let's go to recap all announcements made by Square Enix on the occasion ofE3 2021.

Many confirmations

The Square Enix conference focused primarily on many of its own historical IP but also about the news in take the exit (uscita) in the next years. Presented games range from new Babylon’s Fall, action game developed by Platinum Games in which Dark Souls environments are mixed with frenetic gameplay, up to calmer and thoughtful titles such as Life is Strange True Colors. Last chapter of the Life is Strange series developed by Deck Nine Studios. In short, many titles and different insights on gameplay. Square with this conference seems to have shown that he has clear ideas about future of the company. Let's go to see in detail all the announcements of this E3 2021 on upcoming Square Enix releases.

80s rock and raccoons - E3 2021: here are all the announcements from Square Enix

The Square Enix conference began with the announcement of the World Premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy. The title, developed by Eidos Montreal, will be released next 26 October, was presented with an adrenaline-pumping trailer and several gameplay sections. The game looks very promising, the structure is that of a action adventure third-person narrative and appears to have both curated gameplay and good character writing. Speaking of characters, these seem to have been made quite loyal to their counterparts paper. As for the gameplay instead, Guardians of the Galaxy presents itself as a very fun title to play. There will be multiple choices, as well as the presence of special abilities. While the ability support characters will be callable on command. So let's continue with the recap of the other titles presented.

Some updates - E3 2021: here are all the announcements of Square Enix

After the bombshell announcement regarding the Guardians, the conference was not like that thrilling, such as that Xbox, if not on the final. But we'll get there soon. In the meantime, let's continue with the list of games announced during the conference. So let's now move on to a quick review of some titles mobile and console with an update on an already available title. That is to say:

  • Unique edition of the first 6 Final Fantasy su Steam e mobile.
  • Legend of Mana: remastered of the classic Legend of Mana, available since 24nd June su Steam, PS4 e Switch.
  • Black Panter War for Wakanda: presented with a cinematic trailer for the expansion of Marvel's Avengers, which will be available for free. Finally, the future Marvel's Avengers DLCs have been anticipated with a road map.

Other mobile and remastered games - E3 2021: here are all the announcements of Square Enix

The conference continues with some confirmations already anticipated some time ago. So let's go see the next mobile titles followed by one of the action rpg more awaited, plus a special insight into a wait remastered and on a new unreleased title. Let's talk about:

  • Hitman Sniper: mobile title dedicated to Hitman.
  • Nier Reincarnation: mobile game that is part of the narrative universe of Nier.
  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake First Soldier: battle royale basato su Final Fantasy 7 Remake.
  • Babylon’s Fall: finally shown new cinematics and gameplay of the game. Platinum Games action RPG mixes fast-paced gameplay with a fantasy visual style. Outbound for PS4, PS5 e PC Coming soon.
  • Life is Strange Collection Remastered: announced the remastered collector of the first two chapters (LiS and LiS Before the Storm). The collector will have graphic improvements and will be available on September 30th.
  • Life is Strange True Colors: shown further gameplay of the new title in the Life is Strange series. The powers of the protagonist Alex allow you to see the feelings and perceive fragments of people's past through a colorful aura that envelops the characters themselves. Outgoing on September 10th.

Last bomb and final judgment

To close the conference, it was announced Strangers of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin. The title, which we knew from past leaks such as Final Fantasy Origin, was revealed with a gameplay trailer. Here we were able to observe the mixture of styles between a gameplay and settings to the Dark Souls and characters from the narrative universe of final Fantasy. Overall a good conference, although we would have expected much more. Great absent Forespoken, a title announced some time ago but which was not shown in this conference. Another negative note, the absence during the show of the original songs present in the trailers, which it has muffled definitely the atmosphere especially for those who followed the show in streaming. These were all ads made by Square Enix during this period of E3 2021. Let us know yours in the comments.

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