Dixit review: the most poetic game in the world | Replaying

Do you like abstract art? Images with multiple reading keys? Do you have fantasy? Our Dixit review is the answer!

Have you ever thought of a game that can fully express your fantasy… Even if you don't know how to draw? So take Dixit, which in 2019 turned 10 with a special edition, and sit around a table with friends and friends! It takes at least three.

Originally from France, Dixit is distributed in Spain by Asterion, also responsible for another game.

Componenti di Dixit | Review Dixit

The box of the first edition of Dixit includes:

  • 84 artistic papers;
  • a game board that resembles a clearing, with 31 squares;
  • 6 pieces of different colors in the shape of a bunny;
  • 6 six of 6 square tiles of the same colors as the pawns.

Partita | Review Dixit

Set up

Give each player a token and tiles of the same color. Arrange all the bunnies on the box 0. Shuffle the deck and deal 6 cards to each participant, each can only see their own. Choose who plays the first round and start the Dixit game.

Dixit review: the most poetic game in the world | Replaying


The player whose turn it is is called Narrator. The Storyteller chooses a card from his hand, places it face down on the game table and assigns it a title that he declares to his opponents: a word, an onomatopoeia, a sentence ... All the others choose a card from their hand that they consider most suitable for describe that title and place the chosen card on the table, face down. The Storyteller shuffles the cards and places them on the table face up, in line, assigning each of them a progressive number (tip: he could use his own cards to indicate them!).

All the others look at the cards and evaluate what the Narrator's card could be: from their set of cards they then choose the number assigned to the card they consider the correct one (naturally, the cards that will be used will always be those from 1 to the number of players ...) : once they are all covered on the table, at a sign from the Narrator they are turned over. Based on the marks, the points are calculated:

  • Everyone who guessed right gets 3 points;
  • The Storyteller receives 3 points if at least one opponent, but not all, has voted his card;
    • If the Narrator's card has not been guessed by anyone or everyone, everyone except the Narrator receives 3 points;
  • Each player, except the Narrator, receives 1 point for each vote received on his card, up to a maximum of 3.

According to the scores, the bunnies advance on the board. The turn ends, each draws a new card and the Storyteller is the next player in clockwise order.


Victory is awarded to whoever reaches 30 points or whoever earns the most at the end of the cards. Alternatively, informally, you can also continue beyond 30 points.

Mathematical curiosity Dixit Review

The deck consists of 84 cards:

  • 3 players: initially 18 cards will be distributed, 66 will remain thus generating 22 turns;
  • 4 players: initially 24 cards will be distributed, 60 will remain thus generating 15 turns;
  • 5 players: initially 30 cards will be distributed, 54 will remain, thus generating 10 rounds, with 4 remaining;
  • 6 players: initially 36 cards will be dealt, 48 will remain thus generating 8 rounds.

Dixit is however well thought out to always finish the game at around 30 points. Each round lasts 1 or 2 minutes.

Our impressions of the game | Dixit review

Dixit is a very fascinating game, easy to explain and with no language addiction. It can be appreciated both by adults who have a lot of imagination, and by children who want to experience their own. Each card has different interpretations: if you look at the image below ...

Dixit review: the most poetic game in the world | Replaying

… How would you define the card with the child of soap bubbles? Creation? Fantasy? Dusk? Naivety? And I assure you that, from game to game, each card will take on different definitions in your eyes.

Dixit is fun to play also to challenge others' knowledge of you and it is in fact intriguing to think “How did the Narrator think?”.

Dixit is a very delicate game of introspection also suitable for happy evenings, wonderful.

Dixit expansions

Dixit has 10 expansions so far, plus various single cards made for fairs and events such as Gen Con. The cards in each set are made by a different artist, so each has a completely different style. Each expansion adds 84 new cards and can be played on its own or mixed with the first version or with others: the back, in fact, is always the same. Dixit Odyssey is the only one that features a new scoreboard that allows up to 12 participants to play and a double vote mechanic.

  • 2010 - Quest, illustrations by Marie Cardouat;
  • 2011 - Odyssey, illustrations by Marie Cardouat and Pierô;
  • 2012 - Journey, illustrations by Xavier Collette;
  • 2013 - Origins, illustrations by Clément Lefevre;
  • 2014 - Daydreams, illustrations by Franck Dion;
  • 2015 - Memories, illustrations by Carine Hinder and Jèrôme Péllissier;
  • 2016 - Revelations, illustrations by Jean-Louis Roubira and Marina Coudray;
  • 2017 - Harmonies, illustrations by Paul Echegoyen;
  • 2018 - Anniversary, illustrations by all the artists of the previous versions.


  • 2009 – As d’Or;
  • 2010 - Game of the Year, Gioco dell'Anno;
  • 2010 - Best family game at Lucca Games Best of Show;
  • 2011 - BoardGameGeek Golden Geek, Best party game (for Dixit Odyssey).

Technical details

  • Type: board game, party game
  • Author: Jean-Louis Roubira
  • Illustrations: Marie Cardouat for the first version
  • Year of publication: 2009
  • French publisher: Libellud
  • Spanish publisher: Asterion Press
  • Distributed in Spain by: Asterion Press
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Players: 3-6 players
  • Randomness: medium-low
  • Strategy: low
  • Age: 8+
  • Price in Spain: € 29,90
10 Fully approved!

Points in favor

  • Fantasy fabric
  • Brevity
  • Intrigo

Points against

  • ... Mmmh, they don't come to me!
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