DiRT 4 review: has rallying never been so exciting?

Will DiRT4, the new chapter of the DiRT saga, be able to restore the title to the splendor of DiRT Rally or will it be a lukewarm arcade driving simulator like its predecessor DiRT 3? Let's find out together

DiRT 4 is the new episode produced by Codemaster on rally races. The game that became famous for its hyper-realistic driving system, also this time does not disappoint expectations. Realistic game physics and an impressive variety of driving conditions enhance the gameplay. Codemaster, however, in this chapter wanted to broaden its horizons giving the opportunity for beginners to enjoy DiRT 4. In fact, as soon as you start, you can choose whether to play in a more simplified mode, where the car will be more comfortable to drive, or in Simulation, where you will be put to the test by a more realistic and challenging driving. The game then offers a tutorial including videos and practice tests. Ideal for learning the basics or perfecting the technique.

DiRT 4 review: has rallying never been so exciting?

Races, Challenges and much more

In DiRT 4 you can try your hand in different ways. In the classic career, you race on different tracks to earn money and fame for your team. You can manage every aspect of the groups and teams, from the components to the various sponsors. At each race you will also receive a score based on both the final placement and the skill in following the indications. This score will allow you to unlock new tracks. In the various types of races the most exciting are definitely the Land Rush. Here you will find yourself competing with buggies in a fight with doors. Against you there will be a well-developed AI that will give you a hard time. If you prefer online, multiplayer will not leave you disappointed. You can try your hand at daily or weekly challenges to climb the rankings or face the players directly. You can also create customized games by setting the length and environmental conditions defining the map in a procedural way.

DiRT 4 review: has rallying never been so exciting?

Graphics and game engine

Codemaster, in DiRT 4, has decided to focus on longevity rather than quality in terms of graphics. In fact, the game almost never suffers frame drops when running continuously in 60 FPS. Unfortunately the settings, not too varied, they are not graphically impressive and in some cases the textures are of low quality. However, this lack of accuracy is dampened by atmospheric effects and lighting reproduced in a realistic way and involving the player. The cars, a total of 50, have well-defined polygonal models but damage management is not very precise. The guidance system, very accurate and realistic, it is slightly difficult to manage with a simple pad. However, this difficulty disappears with a pad pro, in my case theElite controller of Xbox, which thanks to the backbones facilitates the alternation of accelerator and brake.

DiRT 4, a simulator for everyone

In conclusion DiRT 4 is an excellent car racing game. The game is suitable for both the more experienced and newbies to the genre. Not great graphically speaking and with a naive lack of variety, the game has however the possibility to involve the player in a unique and astounding driving experience.

8 Excellent game with some graphic "oversights"

Points in favor

  • Addictive and fun game
  • Impressive driving system
  • Realistic weather events and plays of light

Points against

  • Little variety of settings
  • graphically not formidable
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