Decktective Review - Blood Red Roses

Decktective - Blood Red Rose is one of the latest deckscape of dV Giochi. A murder, many mysteries and few clues to shed light on the culprit: here's what you need to know about the new game for the whole family

In the second decade of the 2000s, the game book underwent a notable relaunch, which clearly can only make lovers of board games, board games and RPGs happy. It is also thanks to this relaunch if one of the most important Italian producers in the sector, dV GIOCHI, was able to offer the new product we are talking about in this review, that is Decktective - Blood red roses. Whether you are a lover of the use of board games in first person, you want to give a gift to your best friend or you want to brighten up an evening with friends, Decktective - Blood red roses it could be an excellent opportunity. And now we explain why.

Blood red roses: what is it | Decktective Review

Decktective - Blood Red Rose by dV Giochi is part of the linea deckscape. This word will probably bring you back to the escape room genre (there are also real collective events to be experienced at fairs and particular city events), but in reality the production in question is very different. So let's try to understand what's this, Decktective - Blood red roses. The player has on his side a deck of cards, possible companions (the other players) and a mystery to solve: this, basically, is the heart of Decktective - Blood Red Rose. Each card has a very precise numbering and order of play, which will be indicated respectively and precisely by game manual. The rules themselves, in reality, become clear the moment you are playing (it is therefore good to always keep the general rules at hand). The fruition, it is clear, is based on a progression of a narrative type (because a story is told), participatory (gives the best of itself in the presence of other players) and deductive (because at the end of this it is: solving a mystery specific using logical-rational-critical thinking).

Decktective Review - Blood Red Roses

How to play | Decktective Review

From seeing what it is we move on to analyzing how to play. The history at the base of Decktective - Blood Red Rose is very interesting, albeit linear and perhaps slightly obvious. It starts with the discovery of a corpse, that of Count Ferdinand Tudor, who died under mysterious circumstances. Is it a tragic accident? A premeditated murder? And if so, who is responsible? These questions must be answered by the player present (better: the players present), using various types of supports. For example, it is possible to carefully study the 3D scene of the game, which must be built using the base of the pack and some special cards; then the clue cards must be used to obtain new information; finally, it is necessary to question the witnesses, some of whom could also provide absolutely useless information for the purpose of the affair.

Don't believe the construction of the 3D scenario of the game Decktective - Rose blood red is an end in itself, because it is not so: these cards already of them have useful information to solve the case. Keep in mind that Decktective - Blood Red Rose belongs to that type of "once and then that's it" type of games, that is, it does not lend itself to a repeated use, because once the case is solved… the case is solved, that's it. Now, the players present (up to a maximum of six in the same game) take on the role of private investigators, with the task of solving the case related to the death of Ferdinand Tudor.

At each new turn the player gets a card, which may contain a very important clue to solve the case or not. And it will be the player himself, with his deductive logic, to decide which type the specific clue belongs to. If he deems it useless, he can archive it; if he considers it useful, he will have to share it with the others present. Since not all the clues can be shared, the underlying strategy of Decktective - Rose blood red, of an interactive mold - is well understood. The more the choices of the useful clues are made successfully, the more the points of the group increase and of course also the concrete possibility of solving the case successfully increases.

Decktective Review - Blood Red Roses

Final materials and considerations

We played Decktective - Blood Red Rose with great interest, and the dV GAMES title enjoyed the whole family. L'recommended age on the packaging it seems right: an age of 12 is the minimum age to be able to use the various mechanics with awareness, centered on a strongly logical-deductive progression; it is therefore not a game for the little ones, and you may have already guessed this aspect. The small size of the material this is used to cover distribution costs: in fact, consider that Decktective - Blood Red Rose is offered at the ridiculously low price of about 10 euros.

The idea of ​​the game is instead of Martino Chiacchiera and Silvano Sorrentino. Inside the package you will find all the game cards (clue cards, witness cards, and so on), the various cards with which to build the 3D scenario taking the package itself as a reference point, and the regulation. It is advisable to avoid studying all the cards that are not used to build the game environment, because otherwise there is a risk of incurring significant advances on the unfolding of the story itself. Finally, remember that the average time for a game it is around 60 minutes, but depending on the pace of the narration and the time that the players will take to analyze the clues it could well reach an hour and a half.

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Technical details

  • Type: deckscape
  • Publisher: dV Games
  • Distributed in Spain by: dV Games
  • Duration: 60 minutes +
  • Players: 1-6 players
  • Age: 12+
  • Price in Spain: not yet known
7.5 Stimulant

Points in favor

  • It stimulates logical-deductive thinking
  • Suitable for the whole family
  • Excellent quality / price / duration ratio

Points against

  • Content material
  • Extremely limited replayability
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