Deathloop review for PS5: the wonders of DualSense

In this review we will talk about the PS5 version of Deathloop, focusing only on the unique features that distinguish it

During the years Arkane Studios has always churned out excellent titles and apparently Deathloop is no exception. This new immersive sim in fact it is achieving truly incredible sales and has received a more than positive judgment from critics.

The title at the moment is available for both PlayStation 5 and PC, but there are many noteworthy differences between the two versions. In fact, in this review we will talk about the PS5 version of Deathloop, focusing only on unique features that distinguish it.

The other side of the coin

As we have already anticipated in the previous paragraph, in this review we will only cover the exclusive features of the PS5 version by Deathloop. This means that here we will not talk at all about aspects such as the story, the gameplay and the functioning of the particular loop that distinguishes the title. But if you are interested in one Full review of the game, we suggest you take a look at ours main article dedicated to PC version by Deathloop. Here you will find a detailed analysis of all the pros and cons that you will find playing the new work of Arkane Studios and Bethesda.

Deathloop review for PS5: the wonders of DualSense

Best of DualSense - PS5 Deathloop Review

Almost a year has passed since the launch of PS5 and in this long period many titles have exploited the unique features of DualSense. Games like return, Ratchet & Clank e Control they showed us the potential of Sony's new controller, but none of them managed to reach the level of Deathloop. The new title from Arkane Studios in fact, it manages to exploit all the DualSense functions in a truly exceptional way of PS5.

Let's start with the first thing haptic feedback, feature used abundantly throughout the game. Thanks to this function you can easily immerse yourself in the role of the protagonist, perceiving his steps and the weight of some actions through the vibration of the controller. In addition, haptic feedback will also be very useful during combat phases, since it will allow you to understand when you can use your powers again without having to look into the dedicated corner of the HUD (very comfortable during the most excited moments).

The game obviously also takes advantage of the adaptive triggers of the DualSense. Depending on the instrument you are using, the triggers will behave differently for simulate the various feelings of the weapons. For example, it is possible to feel the weight of a rifle during aiming, the resistance of the trigger of a pistol, or the strong jolts caused by the recoil of an automatic machine gun. Furthermore, Deathloop has a mechanic that goes perfectly with the DualSense: the jam. This feature causes sometimes the less performing weapons to jam, forcing you to waste time to get them back to work. In these cases the R2 key on the controller will freeze completely, thus making you perceive in a very realistic way the sensation given by a non-functioning trigger.

Finally Deathloop takes advantage of it very well too the built-in speaker of the DualSense. This will allow you to perceive some specific sounds more realistically, such as reloading weapons, Hackamajig noise, and changing equipment. In addition also all the communications from Julianna they will be played through the controller speaker.

Deathloop review for PS5: the wonders of DualSense

Quality and Performance - Deathloop Review for PS5

Now it's time to talk about how Deathloop performs on PS5 with regards to technical side. From the game options you can choose between 3 modes: performance, visual quality and raytracing. All three modes offer one 4K dynamic resolution, but they differ in terms of performance and graphics. The first modality in fact promises i Fixed 60 FPS while giving up some visual quality, while the second instead bets on a less stable frame rate to offer higher graphic fidelity. The raytracing mode instead lmimics the game at 30 FPS, but obviously allows you to enjoy gorgeous reflexes calculated in real time.

In general we prefer to always aim for performance, especially in games where gameplay is so important, but according to your preferences. all methods are more than valid. If we really want to find a flaw we can say that even in performance mode 60 FPS is not always very stable. In fact, there are some specific areas in which we have often experienced frame drops, although fortunately they were not particularly serious.

Deathloop also takes advantage of it very well too SSD and 3D audio offered by PS5. Most of the game's loads in fact are very fast and by using suitable headphones you will be able to perceive really good quality sounds.

Deathloop review for PS5: the wonders of DualSense


Now the time has finally come for the review in which we take stock of the PS5 version of Deathloop. The new title from Arkane Studios is undoubtedly a product of excellent quality and as if that weren't enough, it manages to bring out the best from Sony's latest console. The Dualense it is exploited extensively by Deathloop and allows the player to immerse themselves even more in the role of the protagonist. Plus the game it also performs very well from a technical point of view, offering fast loading and more than good performance. In short, if you are interested in buying the PS5 version of Deathloop, you certainly won't be disappointed.

Deathloop is available now for PC and PS5. If you are interested in staying up to date with all the news on the world of video games and much more, then keep following us here on techigames. Furthermore, in case you want to buy some games at an advantageous price, we suggest you take a look at the many offers on Instant Gaming.

9 Best of DualSense

Points in favor

  • DualSense exploited to perfection
  • Quick uploads
  • Excellent performance ...

Points against

  • ... but with some frame drops
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