Dealer's Life Review: We run our own pawn shop

Broadcasts on DMAX have greatly affected our lives in recent years. One of the most famous is certainly Il Banco dei Pugni, known for the particular events that happen in the shop. This is where Dealer's Life takes its cue, the management software that will allow us to lead our pawn shop. Here is our review

Since the advent of Il Banco dei Pugni on DMAX many of us have wanted to be able to manage their own pawnshop, finding ourselves immersed in very particular and almost completely unique objects. We from techigames we tried this experience thanks to Dealer’s Life, the management software available for devices Android directly from Google Play (with you release your iOS e Steam plan for the future), and we're here to bring you our review.

Dealer's Life: Game Features Concerning Our Pawn Shop | Review

Dealer's Life is the management software that allows us to manage ours personal pawn shop, in which dozens and dozens of customers will arrive every day ready to sell or buy more or less valuable goods. The game is currently available in two versions:

  • Dealer’s Life Lite - Version participation characterized by the presence of advertising that allows the game to be tried and played at no cost.
  • Dealer’s Life Premium - Version a payment available for purchase at a cost of € 2.99. This version of the game provides the full absence of advertising, the possibility of play even offline with gods special bonuses at the beginning of each game and a exclusive shopping district luxury that will allow the player to gain fame.

The game is divided into weeks, at the end of which we will have to draw the sums that will allow us to understand the progress of our work. The main purpose is to earn fame points in order to increase the character and the availability of objects that can be bought and resold. These points can be earned by upgrading the four characteristics of the character (competence, charisma, intuition and luck) or buying shops more and more luxurious. 

To help us we will have a variable number of employees,it depending on the luxury of our store. At the beginning of each day it will be possible to hire restorers, counterfeiters, experts, analysts and so on. Each of these will be able to play gods very specific tasks or provide us with bonuses to our characteristics.

In addition to the various customers, in the game will be present special characters, like the policeman who will provide us with objects or sums of money if we decide to help him, the mafioso who will try to extort the protection money and our neighbor, as well as rival, of the shop, also a seller like us who will offer us exchanges. Interactions with these will change our experience game depending on our choices.

They will also be present various unexpected events which can be more or less fruitful depending on our level of luck.

Dealer's Life: let's see the technical sector of our pawnshop | Review

Graphically speaking the game certainly doesn't excel. His cartoon graphics in fact it turns out to be very rough and the characters' input animations are quite coarse and clumsy. The shops themselves lack perspective and turn out to be very crude. The menu, on the other hand, is well cared for, with the right compartments that characterize an excellent organization of the space.

Il sonoro instead it is very nice, with a funk / blues background melody that in some ways reminds those of Driver. The sound effects that accompany the opening of the door and the success or failure of a sale are also very well taken care of.

I commands present are reduced to the bone, but allow you to manage the place and customers in a clear and precise way. The function introduced that allows us to is also very important save the game in the cloud, thus allowing us to play anywhere.

Dealer's Life: Final Conclusions Regarding Our Pawnshop | Review

We can conclude our review by saying that the game produced by Abyte Entertainment it is certainly a good product, capable of involving everyone, even if in the long run it could be repetitive, especially if you are not passionate about the genre. The presence of numerous objects is certainly one of its strengths which in some ways allow the game to vary. Incidents and special characters also tend to make each game different from the others.

A special mention it should be made to objects and quotes that refer to films, video games, comics and facts or people who really existed that insert that touch of humor into the game that distinguishes it from other similar games

La difficulties it is certainly not the most sublime. Once you understand how it works, in fact, the game will turn out to be too simple with negative unexpected events that in any case will not affect our experience. Abyte Entertainment itself has admitted that they are working to try to make the game more interesting at least from this point of view.

We remind you that the game is only accessible for Android devices even if in the future it will be released for both iOS and PC via Steam. What do you think about it? To not miss future news regarding Dealer's Life and future updates that hopefully will make the game more intriguing, keep following the techigames pages!

7.5 Recommended

Points in favor

  • Very good sound sector
  • Presence of countless objects, characters and unexpected events

Points against

  • Very coarse graphics
  • Long-term repeatability of the game
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