Darksiders Genesis review: an adventure from another point of view

After the main titles, Darksiders Genesis arrives, the prequel to the saga that narrates the adventures of War and Conflict struggling with a new mission. Will they have managed to keep the expectations of the fans? Find out in our Darksiders Genesis review

After nine years from the first chapter, Darksiders Genesis presents itself as the great prequel that brings light and darkness to the events of the main series. Airship Syndicate offers us an isometric view hack'n slash action that follows in its own way the combat system of the classic Darksiders, however, giving it a little more gear. With a low price tag and a successful background, will Darksiders Genesis have managed to live up to fan expectations?

Heralds of the Council, the four Knights are required to enforce the balance between the kingdoms thanks to the powers they give to them. Still upset by the events in Eden, the Knights of War and Conflict have received a new assignment: Lucifer, the enigmatic and treacherous king of the demons, is plotting to upset the Balance by granting power to some Archdemons of Hell. War and Conflict must hunt down these Archdemons, gather intelligence and survive an intricate demonic conspiracy that threatens to forever disrupt the Balance and destroy all creation.

Hell rains from above

While remaining attached to the hack'n slash formula with some typical RPG elements, Darksiders Genesis is not the same as other titles. Following the formula of many other games, such as for example Diablo, Darksiders has revolutionized itself with an isometric view. This allows the player to see the scene from above, fighting with more terrain awareness. However, this type of view has its pros and cons. In a less detailed game, with force in the gameplay and not in the details, the distancing of the player's eye can do nothing but good. As in an impressionist painting, you have the complete figure looking only from a distance, thus not noticing the single brushstrokes that make up the work.

Darksiders Genesis review: an adventure from another point of view

The point of view | Darksiders Genesis Review

However, Darksiders Genesis is not that kind of game. The design of the monsters, the settings and even the individual props are well detailed and interesting to see. The game has no graphic deficiencies, indeed the work done in building most of the environments and characters is to be commended. A third person view would have enhanced these details much more, also giving a more complete experience to the player. Even so, such a way of setting up the camera is not only a source of criticism. The ability to play cooperatively makes this an excellent choice for multiplayer, which incorporates a mechanic that has now practically disappeared: the shared screen.

In the bloodthirsty and frantic action of Darksiders Genesis, players will be forced to navigate maps filled with enemies and crumbling platforms. Indeed, the platforming sections break up an otherwise monotonous gameplay. While there is nothing challenging, the freedom of movement from the very first moment is to be commended, as it makes the game itself more fluid.. To further help the heterogeneity of the levels are the puzzles, which while not too complex, give variety and offer fun solutions during the co-op.

Darksiders Genesis review: an adventure from another point of view

Descent into Hell | Darksiders Genesis Review

By delving into gameplay and its surroundings, Darksiders Genesis brings with it a good number of artistic factors that are enviable and certainly to be imitated. While not doing anything original, the direction of the game leaves room for gameplay, while putting the brakes on exploration due to the absence of a mini-map in areas that are not always small. Despite this handicap, the spectral colored play areas that swing from red to blue entice players to explore. However, given the variable nature of the maps, which vary greatly in size, there is never the certainty of having the freedom and convenience of a true exploration.

Losing some goodies therefore becomes a habit, but this defect is balanced by the presence of different boss fights - albeit not particularly demanding - that give satisfaction. In fact, each mission has its own climax involving clashes against bosses and minions with a legible moveset but with an attractive design. Aesthetics, when the real challenge is missing, manages to reconcile the soul of those who descend into hell. After all, Darksiders Genesis treats the player's death with extreme superficiality. The two Knights, War and Conflict, can be interchanged at any time, and upon the death of both there is a direct and immediate respawn just before the bossfight.

Additional convenience is the presence of a merchant with more than attractive prices at the beginning of the game, which allows you to increase the life bar and increase the number of heals. Fortunately, more useful tools are found throughout the game instead. Simple weapons that, often and willingly, are used for solving puzzles and therefore to move forward. These tools can usually be used by only one character, thus leaving space and importance to the cooperative. The gameplay therefore amuses for its diversity and smoothness, but flaws in an excessive superficiality. So where is it that Darksiders Genesis shines?

Darksiders Genesis review: an adventure from another point of view

The power of money well spent | Darksiders Genesis Review

The script is not scratchy and therefore leaves room for the game itself, as it should also be. The dialogues, by themselves, manage to be banal or in any case not very deep, leaving little room for the protagonists' introspection. All of whom, however, enjoy a relationship that can create little jokes that reminded me of the exchanges Army of Two. The quality and incisiveness are not the same, but the feeling is good enough to make the two Knights nice. The story itself, on the other hand, runs smoothly without too many particular digressions, giving the whole a homogeneous tone and devoid of any glimmer..

The Spanish dubbing, however, surprised me quite a bit. A cast as usual spot on and that manages to make the jokes natural and not at all annoying, despite Darksiders Genesis has a practically complete dubbing. On the other hand, Darksiders enjoyed the presence of people like Dario Oppido, a veteran who has worked in virtually every field. The sound sector is therefore excellent, also as regards the soundtracks, suggestive and catchy at the right point. The coup de grace is given by the illustrations during the cutscenes, absolutely magnificent and capable of giving a tone to the story.

We draw conclusions

Ultimately, Darksiders Genesis is a must-have game for fans of the series, and which despite its flaws still manages to entertain. The artistic side is well cared for, and it is a pleasure that it is still aiming to make room for the cooperative, especially on shared screen. The isometric view, in all of this, is neutral: positive on the one hand, negative on the other. Therefore, it is right to give the game a real chance, thanks also to the decidedly affordable base price.

Darksiders Genesis review: an adventure from another point of view Darksiders: Warmastered Edition Ps4- Playstation 4
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