Catherine Full Body Review: Traitors on Nintendo Switch

Catherine Full Body has finally landed also on Nintendo Switch, let's find out together with our review if it is worth buying it also on the Nintendo hybrid 

Ah, love. Love, the one with a capital A precisely, is perhaps the feeling that most human beings come to fear in the course of their existence. We are not talking about affection, friendship, harmony. No, Love, associated with sexuality, is often the far too short fuse that makes a person's life explode, upsetting it from the very beginning and taking it on new paths, which one had never thought of trampling. Changes so deep and visceral that they are terrifying, especially when you love who you shouldn't. Or who could not. Ah, love. Love is the eternal bane of mankind.

If there is a seventh generation game that anyone who has played it remembers with love, it is definitely Catherine. Developed by Atlus, it arrived in the West about a year after its Japanese release, back in 2012. The company, however, decided to bring it exclusively to PlayStation 3, omitting the portable version for PlayStation Vita that we would have wanted so much.

To fill this lack of "portability" for Catherine we think the Full Body version, which in addition to having invaded PlayStation 4 and Xbox One about a year ago, has finally landed on Nintendo Switch on July 7th as well. Let's find out if it's worth living Vincent's misadventures also on the nintendo hybrid. Welcome to Catherine Full Body review for Nintendo Switch.

Catherine Full Body Review: Traitors on Nintendo Switch

Silent Sheep 

Vincent is a simple average man, with an average job, an average life. He splits his time between his work commitments, his eternal girlfriend Katherine and his usual bar hangout, the Stray Sheep, with friends in the evenings. If it were up to Vincent, his life could go on like this forever, in a mixture of sloth and eternal youth, which never lead him to assume his responsibilities. Disaster, however, as we know, is always around the corner and one day bursts into the life of our protagonist Catherine, this time with the C, a busty girl who will inevitably lead him on the road to perdition.

In addition, rumors are gradually spreading in the city about some suspicious deaths, all in their sleep, and all without a particular correlation to any pathology. The only thing that all the victims seem to have in common is the "betrayal", or in any case a lazy lifestyle. In short, society's “sheep”.

Catherine Full Body Review: Traitors on Nintendo Switch

Doors to possibilities – Review Catherine Full Body: traditori su Nintendo Switch 

If that wasn't enough, in Catherine Full Body another “route” has been added for our unfortunate Vincent. Qatherine, nicknamed Rin, is a "damsel in distress", a damsel in distress that Vincent will help in the early stages of the game and to which he will remain indelibly linked. Full Body is therefore, if we had to give a definition, not so much a Remastered of the original title, but more a real reissue. The added content is so much from completely upset old Catherine's vision of 2012, providing lots of different food for thought.

We do not want to further explore the plot and themes of Catherine Full Body, we promise you a special about it because there is really a lot to analyze. Here we want to focus on the validity of the title and why, if you have not already done so, you must necessarily buy Catherine Full Body and give it a chance.

Catherine Full Body Review: Traitors on Nintendo Switch

What are your true colours?! – Review Catherine Full Body: traditori su Nintendo Switch 

As we have already seen for Persona 5 Royal, Atlus is a master of blending completely different genres. Again, Catherine Full Body mixes elements of Life Simulator with a bizarre puzzle platformer and certainly not for everyone. In fact, during the night Vincent will experience real nightmares in which, in the role of a splendid sheep, he will have to climb endless sagging towers made of cubes. Precisely these nightmares are the cause of the wake of suspicious deaths during the day: falling from the tower and dying in the dream, you will lose your life even in reality.  

Vincent will then have to move the cubes and exploit their various properties in order to complete the various stages, which make up the macro levels to be experienced every night. Between the climbs there will be stops at the "Confessionals", where you can save your game, talk to the other sheep on their way to safety and, in Catherine Full Body, listen to Rin's wonderful angelic music. The new addition, in fact, is not only functional to plot elements, but also to gameplay. In fact, Rin will help us when we are about to fall, slowing the fall of the blocks at the base of the tower, playing the piano.

Catherine Full Body Review: Traitors on Nintendo Switch

Temptation - Catherine Full Body Review: Traitors on Nintendo Switch 

The puzzles will be more and more complex and articulated, in an eternal increase in the level of difficulty that will prune you, even at normal difficulty, to have to think very carefully before moving even just one block, to avoid having to start the level all over again. In the Full Body version, in addition to the selection of the difficulty level (no, we will not talk about the "Safety" difficulty, because it is an affront to mankind), The possibility of choosing between two different modes has also been added: Classic or Remix.

If in the Classic version the cubes are exactly the same as in the 2012 original, in the Remix version some of these will be colored and stacked in predefined shapes, almost as if they were tetrominoes. Shapes that you can and will have to move entirely. And if on the one hand it could be a help in some situations, on the other hand having to move entire rows of cubes necessarily precludes the possibility of taking other paths. A further increase in difficulty, in short, or if we want a new way of living Catherine. 

Catherine Full Body Review: Traitors on Nintendo Switch

Music box of Joy – Review Catherine Full Body: traditori su Nintendo Switch 

Catherine's moral facets are well known to anyone who enjoyed the original title. At the Confessionals, in fact, we will also have to answer some questions that will heavily influence the balance of Vincent's life. In the original 2012 title, the scales only shifted in two directions: Katherine (the temperate side) and Catherine (the sinful side). In Full Body, however, specific questions have been added that will allow you to unlock Rin's Route, if you answer correctly. You can also decide to ignore the new addition completely and stay on the original path, the choice is yours.

One thing is undoubted: Rin's route is completely different, both in the development and in the endings, from the two original routes of Catherine and Katherine. This is not necessarily a defect, indeed, but hardcore fans of the original title may turn up their noses a bit at the dissonance that Rin, even if only for themes, seems to have with the other two girls.

Catherine Full Body Review: Traitors on Nintendo Switch

Recollection - Catherine Full Body Review: Traitors on Nintendo Switch 

Decisions made to the Stray Sheep also influence the balance. In fact, every night before going to sleep, Vincent will find himself at the bar with his friends. In this limited setting, you can perform various actions. You will be able to interact with your friends and other patrons of the bar, establish new relationships, drink until you get drunk (the more drunk you are when you leave the bar, the faster you will be in climbing the tower) or take on the Rapunzel minigame, a sort of Arcade-style tower climb.

To further increase the longevity of Full Body, which averages 10-12 hours if you play normal and have no particular problems with puzzles, are the Babel modes, in which you will have to climb a particularly difficult tower, and Colosseum, where you can challenge yourself in climbing with your friend. Also added the online mode (thanks Atlus).

Catherine Full Body Review: Traitors on Nintendo Switch

Sorrow – Review Catherine Full Body: traditori su Nintendo Switch 

The Nintendo Switch version of Catherine Full Body performs fairly well both in portable mode and with the console inserted in the Dock. The frame rate is stable, fixed at 30 fps, the models, the lighting effects and the shadows have remained practically the same as the PlayStation 3 version. If this is cleverly disguised in the handled version, with the console inserted in the Dock the effects of time are heavily noticed. The age-old problem of the camera remained unchanged which, although it is not so disabling considering that we are talking about a puzzle game, it practically makes it a torture to want to pass behind the cubes in the tower.

The port on Switch has "brought" with it too all DLC available for Catherine Full Body released on consoles last year. Then present all the additional characters that you can play in Babel, including Joker from Persona 5, and further additional voiceovers for Catherine (and we arrived at 14 different voices). Another small addition, certainly not very important, but particularly fun, is the pair of glasses that you can find inside the bathroom of the Stray Sheep. Wear them, we tell you nothing else.

Catherine Full Body Review: Traitors on Nintendo Switch

A full-bodied return! 

We conclude this ours Catherine Full Body review for Nintendo Switch with a reflection. There are no titles in the contemporary videogame market that have dared so much from a narrative point of view. Both back in 2012, when Atlus churned out a title entirely based on betrayal, and today, in 2020, when it came to touch even more burning and current issues con Catherine Full Body.

We absolutely recommend that you approach the title, with the knowledge that it is not a video game easy to digest. The puzzles are gradually more and more complex, certainly not for everyone, but they will give a feeling of extreme satisfaction once completed. If you manage to overcome some small technical flaw, which Catherine has been carrying around for eight years now, you can enter a world that will change you profoundly. Don't be sheep, come on.

8.5 Full-bodied!

Points in favor

  • Catherine's more "full-bodied" return
  • Surprising narrative, today more than ever
  • Deep and well managed themes
  • Fun and ingenious gameplay
  • So many possibilities

Points against

  • Graphically too dated
  • Sometimes frustrating room management
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