Call of Duty WWII review: the return to the past

Call of Duty is back with an ambitious, grand and above all traditional chapter. We use traditional because this year the Activision brand returned to visit the Second World War, leaving behind the futuristic settings of recent years. Will the return to the origins be served?

The plot of Call of Duty: WWII as we said before, it takes us back to the Second World War. The story takes place in 1944, the year in which the allied army decides to liberate the France from German oppression. However, this can only happen by breaking through the enemy's defenses set up in the country, before all the beaches of Normandy. It is precisely in the Operation of the D-Day that the game begins and throws us into the fateful allied enterprise to invade France and then Germany itself. The team's choice was much appreciated Sledgehammer Games, to focus on a specific period of the conflict, instead of flitting here and there among the various battles that took place during the war.

The story traces the events of First US Battalion and the soldier Ronald “Red” Daniels, I decided more than ever to get to Berlin. That of WWII, is a story of brotherhood and conflicts, because in addition to the Germans, the battle companions will have to face their fears and their own tempers among themselves. But you can also see signs of friendship and unity, the only prerogatives to get out of German ambushes alive.During the story, the characters and the change in relationship between them. The developers have gone to great lengths to make them more alive than ever.

The storyline is well orchestrated with just the right amount of action and moments of reflection

We also loved how the developers decided to evolve the story. During the various chapters present, the action takes place smoothly and without getting bored. In particular, the plot is well articulated with more or less varied missions. From those of infantry and those aboard a vehicle, also passing through those of infiltration in enemy outposts. Compared to the previous chapters, we have noticed a step forward in the narrative, where boredom does not occur at all and the player is always placed at the center of the action.

There are many settings present, such as the Ardennes and Paris. We can bring back a variety also in this juncture. The storyline is well orchestrated, with just the right amount of action and reflection, stealth sessions, first time really implemented in the franchise. The story also offers good replayability, not forced only by having to complete the trophies, but also to understand aspects of the characters or the plot itself that were not noticed the first time around. The story can be completed in 6-7 hours, depending on the player's style of play. In fact, in the scenarios there are several collectibles, which also guarantees a minimum of replayability. 

Call of Duty WWII review: the return to the past

The team is an integral part of the gamelpay, everyone has a role

The First Battalion of the United States inOperation Overlord it is formed by the soldier Daniels, protagonist of the game and by various supporting actors, such as the soldier Zussman, a close friend of the protagonist. But there is also the sergeant Pierson and the lieutenant Turner, at the head of the alpha team. All the team forms an integral element of the gameplay, as each of the characters has a skill useful in battle. For example, Zussman can provide us with a medical kit in critical situations, because Call of Duty WWII returns to adopt the health bar, which can be recharged only with the kits.

Sergeant Pierson, for example, can give us the location of enemies on the screen by highlighting them in white. So the whole team helps in the true sense of the word. Very appreciated the fact of being able to stock up on ammunition from our lieutenant during a shooting, without resorting, to finished ammunition, to enemy weapons, holding on to our beloved M1 Garand. Our companions' abilities have a loading bar, which will fill up as we kill enemies.

The health bar returns like the first chapters

The ability to select equipment before entering the mission has disappeared. The story can be completed in 6-7 hours, it depends on the player's style of play. In fact, in the scenarios there are several collectibles, which also guarantees a minimum of replayability. The plot already at normal difficulty is very enjoyable, with a good degree of challenge, then it is clear if you are a veteran you can not help but opt ​​for the same difficulty. The addition of the life bar was appreciated, which makes the experience much more difficult, since when the screen turns red, to recover the energy you need to have the medical kits and select them with the appropriate button. 

If on the one hand the difficulty has been made greater, on the other hand we have a very low frustration rate, the campaign lets itself be played and despite its difficulties in some points, it is not frustrating but on the contrary pleasant. The shooting, last but not least, remains good, with a good feed of the weapons, very characterized and reproduced as faithfully as possible. Certainly for the more known weapons such as the Thompson, the M1 Garand, the MP40 and the STG 44 also present in other chapters, you can recognize the excellent work of the technicians and the source of inspiration of reality.

Total War: Classic Multiplayer Returns

How well do you know and how Activision spearheading the marketing season for the game, Call of Duty WWII goes back to basics not just in storyline and setting, but in multiplayer as well. The multiplayer mode, always loved by fans, returns to the classic. We therefore have pure shooting, represented by the famous weapons of the Second World War. Classes also disappear, with the addition of Divisions, there are five: Infantry, Paratroopers, Battleship, Montana e Freight forwarders. Each featuring passive perks applied to weapons. Each division can still be modified with the weapons we prefer, but for each division there are a circle of weapons recommended to play. For example, for the Infantry it is advisable to arm yourself with assault rifles since among the perks of the division are the bayonet and the increased magazines. Again, for the Paratrooper division there is the silencer perk, so SMGs are perfect for that class.

Therefore each division is aligned with a way of playing. Each division has predefined sets with a limited number of weapons, items, accessories, and lethal or tactical weapons to be included. Removed the top 10. For example, the Infantry Division has four accessories that can be added to the main weapon. The Paratrooper Division, on the other hand, has three. All divisions have active perks (Gunslinger, Requisitions, etc.). A Hub game center, where it will be possible to accept new orders from NPCs. It is possible to stipulate new contracts, visit the cinema section, train with weapons and with the series of points. Other players are obviously present in this hub.

Call of Duty WWII review: the return to the past

A central hub to do everything from cinema mode to supply launches

From Commander Howard we can accept new orders, which are divided into daily and weekly. Orders consist of totaling a specific amount of kills in particular modes or using specific weapons. All of this will earn us armory credits. The latter used to purchase weapons, custom items or helmets or emotes from the Furiere. The virtual alter-ego in multiplayer will be customizable with new uniforms, helmets and emotes. These can be obtained with supply drops or from the quartermaster. The maps present are those of the campaign setting, with further additions expected in the coming months by the usual DLCs.

The substantial novelty of this year's multiplayer is the War mode, in which it is possible to face different operations (offensive or defensive) with your team. There are several goals to complete. Destroying the enemy cannons or defenses, or defending against the enemy advance will be essential. We also found it to be a good mode, with improvements to be made in the constitution of the maps. Certainly others will be introduced with the expected DLCs. On the technical side of multiplayer, we noticed a very slow matchmaking due to the turnout of the first few days on the servers. The exaggerated lag in some cases and a patch that never arrived are the pain points of the multiplayer. We hope for an intervention from the developers soon. There is an excellent job done by the developers on the multiplayer front, fulfilling the desire that has long echoed among fans, to return to the past.

Nazi Zombies, Nazi experiments return and corrupt soldiers to be massacred with rifle bursts

Now inevitable in a Call of Duty, the mode Zombies returns with special guests. This time the story takes place in Mittelburg, a small village in Germany. The protagonists of this new dimension are a group of traffickers of works of art. The engineer Marie Fisher, the military Jefferson Potts, the art critic Olivia Durant and the thief Drostan Hynd make up the hapless group that will have to fight the hordes of the undead. Unlike in the past, and we can exclaim that it was almost time, the four-party cooperative adventure is characterized by real quests. Which advance our characters through the twisted world ofLast Reich.

No longer just easter eggs but real tasks to complete. Each character has a special ability to apply on the field. The new currency of the mode is no longer dollars but shocks. Around the map we will find the canonical weapons hanging on the wall, the mystery box with special weapons and machines where you can acquire timed skills. Regarding classes and equipment, it will not be possible to choose it before the battle. Not before level 5 at least. Here, too, it will be possible to level up, modify weapons and receive common and rare supply drops. Zombies demonstrates its potential, through improvements, the developers have made the mode even more rewarding. The razing of the advanced zombies of the Nazis, a quest behind that tells a story of terror and madness are peculiar characteristics of the mode.

Call of Duty WWII review: the return to the past

Call of Duty WWII? Beautiful to see but more could be done

Call of Duty WWII brings WWII to the next generation of consoles for the first time. Therefore we can see thegreat job done by the developers in technical terms. The textures are of excellent workmanship, like the polygons of the external and internal settings. The characters are excellently crafted with compelling facial expressions. The animations of the latter do not leave glimpses of doubts and also those of the enemies and how they react to the blows received.

We have found some anomalies in artificial intelligence, not very efficient, especially in stealth sections. The lights look great to us, as do the shadows. The weapons are made in a perfect way, simulating reality as much as possible. The sound also seems to us well done, the shots and the engines of the planes.

To complete it all is the soundtrack, the main theme of the game is excellent and entirely evokes the love of country in fighting the enemy. In short, all the pieces in their place. The game is beautiful to look at but more could be done.

Call of Duty WWII review: the return to the past

Raven Software oversaw the game's technical department

We would like to clarify that the technical sector was mostly managed by Raven Software and we can praise the work done. Finally, on PlayStation 4 the game runs at 1080p and 60 frames per second, with no case of bugs or dropped frames in the campaign. Some cases of lag in multiplayer, however, given by the turnout of servers. The usual handicap of the game is still the AI, which sometimes has flaws. However, we can define Call of Duty WWII an excellent production also from the technical side.

Call of Duty WWII, the verdict

Call of Duty WWII is a massive package, a great campaign, multiplayer returning to the classic, and Zombies mode stronger than ever. Finally, a respectable technical sector. All for 69,99 euros and offers enough content to indulge yourself until the beginning of the new year. We recommend the game to fans of the series, who will be happy with the throwback. But we also recommend it to newcomers who want to approach the franchise for the first time.

Call of Duty WWII review: the return to the past Call of Duty: WWII + DLC Esclusivo amazon- PlayStation 4
  • The famous Call of Duty saga returns to its origins.
9 A return to origins

Points in favor

  • Good storytelling with great characters;
  • Classic but fast-paced and satisfying multiplayer;
  • Zombies returns with a new story and universe;
  • The game is beautiful to see;
  • The package is packed with content.

Points against

  • Sometimes slow matchmaking;
  • Multiplayer not always stable with various lag;
  • On the technical side, more could be done.
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