Broken Compass Kickstarter funded three minutes after launch

The time to open the Broken Compass Kickstarter campaign and give our contribution and the contactor of the funds raised had already doubled the goal. And it continues to rise

A phenomenal success for the new Two Little Mice project. An hour after the opening of the Kickstarter, supporters are already more than 150 and the campaign has already tripled its goal. But for those who have had the opportunity to try the game, this success is not surprising at all. Riccardo Sirignano and Simone Formicola, already authors of successful games such as Household, give us a new little pearl of the playful landscape. Yes, because Broken Compass has all the right elements in it and we told you about them in our article dedicated to testing the Quickstart.

Challenge, mystery, risks and incredible adventures. These are the ingredients that Broken Compass promises to give us and we already feel the air of adventure blowing outside our window. Not to mention the wonderful work the Two Little Mice team is doing with the graphics and manual covers. The Adventure Journal, for example, is designed in an old-fashioned Diary style with a leather-effect Soft Touch cover and rounded corners, including an elastic closure, bookmark and elastic pencil holder.

It goes without saying that here the excitement is felt all. It will be hard to wait until November to be able to hold the two manuals in our hands but, luckily for us, the authors have decided to create a small handbook of rules for the creation of the characters that will arrive to supporters at the end of May. Since it is worthwhile to embark on an adventure?

And if you haven't funded the Broken Compass Kickstarter yet, what are you waiting for?

You still have 60 hours to access the pledge early birds, while the others will remain active until the close of the campaign, scheduled for May 25. We leave you below the graphics that include all the rewards; our advice is not to miss this opportunity to get your hands on the treasure, and to support a truly unmissable project.

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