Board games, here are the best apps to play from smartphones

What are the best apps to play the increasingly popular Board Games from smartphones? Let's find out!

Nowadays, we know how smartphones do they are used for any eventuality, also to have fun with games that, once, were tabletop or could only be used on the computer. With the advent of mobile devices and the boom of applications, all this has changed, and now you can safely play cards on your smartphone.

Let's think about hobbies and the main ones board games: the most famous ones are now also accessible from smartphones, with dedicated applications that are developed in a precise and extremely pleasant way also from a graphic point of view. Thinking about the gaming sector, there are also many online casinos that can be accessed directly from the browser or through specific apps, which allow you to play the most famous casino table games quickly and easily.

Board games, a real boom in downloads on smartphones and tablets

Many are led to think that, by now, on smartphones you play exclusively with shooter, sports or arcade titles, however, this is not the case at all. Over the last few years, in fact, even board games via apps are increasingly frequent and even more widespread: there are many users who download them immediately to always have them available on their smartphone. And that's the advantage: when you have two free minutes, you can relax with a nice board game without having to download it every time.

Let's think for example of the Women, one of the most popular board games around the globe. Well, taking a look at the main online stores, you can easily see that there are numerous applications that allow you to play checkers. both online going to challenge your friends and offline, fighting against the artificial intelligence of software.

Obviously, the game of checkers is proposed with many different levels and with particular graphics, more and more developed and appreciated. Furthermore, there is the possibility to set the rules you prefer, since you can choose the Spanish ones, but also those of other versions, such as the Russian, Brazilian, English or Italian checkers.

Naval battle and Risiko

Another board game that is having an unstoppable spread on mobile devices is undoubtedly Battleship. A real classic: clearly you won't have to arm yourself with pen and paper to try to sink the enemy ships, but a simple tap on the exact spot on the scoreboard shown on the mobile phone display. Also in this case there is no lack of 3D graphics and many other useful details to increase player engagement.

We all know each other Risks: well, even this board game is proposed in a particular online version. The rules are practically identical to the normal board game, as well as the final goal, which is to defeat every opponent and conquer the world, obviously putting your hands on all available territories.

There are obviously applications that are very reminiscent of the Monopoly, that is another of the most famous and appreciated board games all over the world. Rules and operation of Rento, in fact, they are really similar to Monopoly. Also in this case, the ultimate goal of the various players is to take possession of the largest number of houses and hotels, trying to extract as much money as possible from other users. As with many other similar apps, you can have fun by challenging your friends online, or without a connection by battling against the app's AI.

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