Board games guide: print and play, print and play

Not all board games are on the market: others can be downloaded from the Internet in PDF, printed and off: here is the print and play!

You are on the bill. Do you want to try a free game or almost? Many game inventors put their works online for free, or at a free offer. Are the print and play, o PnP, fun games available to everyone! Once you have downloaded the PDF, simply print it, cut its components and, at most, arm yourself with a pencil, an eraser and a few nuts. There is no time to waste, here are the most beautiful!

Bear Went over the Mountain, PnP per bimbi

Interesting game for a family night out, suitable for ages 4-10. A bear must hike among animals, valleys, mountains and trees! Who will build the best path? The game is language independent, the rules are in Spanish.

Here the rules - Here the game

Cyvasse, print and play fantasy

From a fan of George RR Martin's work, A Song of Ice and Fire, here is Cyvasse, a game mentioned numerous times in the saga but whose real rules have never been explained. Well, in 2013 a mysterious author invented them and made them available to everyone.

Cyvasse can be classified as a wargame, table abstract, with regulation in Spanish.

Austerity, economic PnP

We now come to a solo management game: the author, Jake Staines in Austerity imitates the period of austerity that we have heard so much about from Europe. As the years go by, the player will have to manage their finances without defaulting. Here rules in Spanish and scoreboard.

Cards against Humanity, print and play malvagio

Black humor lovers cannot miss Card against Humanity, a party game for adults in which, in turn, a black card is placed with a question or a sentence to be completed; the other participants will propose answers, on white papers, with a somewhat… raw humor. The funniest wins the point.

Deep space D-6, PnP spaziale

Survival Solitaire Board Game: You are the captain of a spaceship, you got a call but it was a trap! You will have to survive space events until another spaceship comes to rescue you!

A minimal financial contribution is required on their Kickstarter page.

Ocalimocho, print and play alcolico

Game absolutely for adults, Ocalimocho is the name born from Oca + Calimocho ... in practice it is the game of the alcoholic goose. Downloadable here, it does not need too many explanations of the rules.

PnP Considerations

Print and play games can truly range for all ages, all tastes and all types of evening. It all depends on the quality of your printer!

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