Black Bones review: let's venture the seven seas

Drop anchor, set sail and get ready to sail the Black Bones review, but watch out for other pirates

The sea is full of pitfalls, but you are a pirate and fear nothing! But know that you will not be the only one to sail the seven seas with his sailing ship. Other pirates, like you, are on the hunt for treasure and won't think twice about attacking you if need be. The goal of the game is to find cannonballs to hit opponents and sink their vessels, but to do so, you need to land three hits.

Componenti | Review Black Bones

Inside the box we find:

  • the game board
  • 4 Vessel tokens
  • 24 Game tiles
  • 8 Scoglio tiles
  • 4 Character cards
  • 42 Action cards
  • 12 Hit Marker cubes

Black Bones review: let's venture the seven seas

Setup | Review Black Bones

First you have to get the to weave Scoglio and you have to place them on the game board, to do this you have to choose and reproduce one of the maps present in the List of Maps which you can find on the last page of the regulation. Then mix the Game tiles and place them face down on the empty squares, remembering to leave the four squares in the corners marked with skulls free. Then mix the Action cards and give four to each player, the remaining ones form the draw pile that you have to place face down next to the board and always put the Hit Mark cubes next to it. As a last step, each player must choose a Vessel token and take the corresponding Character card. Now you can drop anchor and set sail for this great adventure!

The game | Black Bones Review

The matches are played in turns. During the first round of the game, players can only move around the board to look for cannonballs and no offensive action is possible. After the first turn, however, it is possible to perform the following actions: moving and offensive actions. Let's see specifically what is done during each of these actions:

  • shift: it is possible to move your Vessel in a straight line in an orthogonal or diagonal direction as many squares as you want. You can decide whether to stop on an empty square, if there is any, or whether to stop on a Game tile and in this case you have to turn the tile, carry out the indicated action and then discard it. You are entitled to one shift per turn, but in case you have one Additional Movement card then other movements can be made. NB It is important to remember that you cannot stop on a square occupied by another player or on a Scoglio tile.
  • offensive actions:  to perform these actions or shoot, you must first find the tile Cannon ball, only one of these tiles can be owned at a time. It is mandatory to use the Cannonball tile immediately only if another one is found. You can shoot: along a straight orthogonal or diagonal trajectory, to an enemy vessel or to a Scoglio tile visible along your position. Using the Action cards it is also possible to modify the effect of the blow.

Whenever a player hits your Vessel you have to place a Hit Cube on an empty space of your Character card, when all three spaces are full then you are immediately out of the game.

Chi vince? | Review Black Bones

A win the game is the last Vessel remaining on the game board. It may happen that the Game tiles run out before there is a winner, in this case all 24 Game tiles are shuffled, put back on the board and continue to play until there is only one player left in the race. There is no tie!


Black Bones is a nice game already from the aesthetics, in fact I really like its illustrations and the components are well made and resistant. There is a good balance between strategy and randomness, moreover the games are variable thanks to the 9 game schemes that you find in the Map List, but if you have imagination you can try to invent some schemes yourself. The game is simple and the functions of the Game tiles and Action cards are well explained in the rules. It is a great family game.

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Technical details

  • Name: Black Bones
  • Author: Marco Salogni
  • Publishing house: Little Rocket Games
  • Players: 2 - 4
  • Age: 8+
  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Price: 29,90€
10 Boarding!

Points in favor

  • Strategia
  • Unpredictability
  • Variability of batches
  • Good materials
  • Well illustrated

Points against

  • Nothing to report
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