Bio Inc. Redemption review: life and death just a click away

After playing the brand new title from DryGin studio, Bio Inc. Redemption, here is our review of the game

"Deciding between life and death has never been so exciting." Rest assured, these are not the classic words of a potential serial killer but thereessence of Bio Inc. Redemption. This game, developed by the DryGin Studio, offers the ability for players to heal or kill their patients. This biomedical simulator will put you in a position to search for a virus and cure it or to cultivate and enhance fearsome diseases. The title is one transposition on PC, with many additions, of the app-game Bio Inc. available on mobile. Let's see together the work done by the developers in this review.

Bio Inc. Redemption review: life and death just a click away

Bio Inc. Redemption: yin and yang of medicine | Review

Bio Inc. Redemption is a simulator which offers the possibility to experience the thrill of saving lives or taking them away. To do this, the game will allow you to choose every time two different modalities: Life and Death. Within these two modes you will find yourself in front of a 3D fetus of the patient that will simulate his condition and, through the points collection system, you can start tests and treatments or symptoms and aggravations.

For each of your games you will be assigned a score based on the difficulty and goals achieved and a corresponding one experience with which to unlock new modes or buy bonuses at the start of the game. In the two aforementioned modes you will play the campaign structured on several levels that can be unlocked through victories. There will be many types of missions with different objectives and modifiers.

In addition to the campaign, the Sandbox mode where you will be able to create your ideal game, defining from the patient's medical history the conditions to win the game. You can then choose whether to relax and study the case of a common cold or give body and soul to eliminate a health professional with a medical team in tow. An immediately striking component is the realism of diseases and treatments. Indeed all viruses, prescriptions and treatments are real and, with strokes of genius such as the wheel of venereal diseases, the game will be really fun to play and engaging, thanks above all to the constantly changing mannequins of the unfortunate.

Bio Inc. Redemption review: life and death just a click away

Bio Inc. Redemption: you will have a hard life, alone or against opponents! | Review

We previously talked about the two types of solo games present in the title. But it is necessary to specify how in reality, in Bio Inc. Redemption you will always play against an opponent. In particular, in the campaign your challenger will be the computer, but it is also possible in the multiplayer mode to face humans in flesh and blood.

Having played several games trying all types of games, it is immediately clear how the title guarantees one high-level challenge against AI. In fact, with 4 levels of difficulty it will always be faster to perform treatments or to infect the patient, becoming almost impossible to beat at the maximum difficulty. In addition to its speed, a certain variety of patterns in its game strategies must be recognized and therefore there will be waiting for you a great variety of always unpredictable matches.

even the multiplayer, however, will give you good times even if the opponents will be quite random and not too chosen according to your level. For the moment there is only the possibility to play one mode where the two challengers must be able to save or eliminate the subject. Unfortunately, I personally encountered waits of several minutes before finding a challenger, perhaps due to the little interest of the community of the online mode. This is partly understandable as Bio Inc. Redemption bases much of its game on solo mode.

Bio Inc. Redemption review: life and death just a click away

Bio Inc. Redemption: game valid on PC? | Review

The game, as already mentioned above, is the transposition of the Bio Inc. mobile game on a computer. With this in mind, the final rendering is a great job with many additions under the question of the variety of game types. There graphics are well taken care of, especially the mannequin of the human body even if the game is completely based on the question of simulation, placing the graphic aspect as a surplus and not as a key component.

Same story for theaudio, which is well taken care of and will make you heard in a doctor's office, but which has more the function of alarm in case of new events rather than a background of impact. Furthermore, the game does not support the Spanish language and will be completely in English. Considering all this, the price of 12,99 €. It must be said that bringing the game from mobile to computer will have required work and time but perhaps the price is still excessive for a game that is free on mobile stores.

Bio Inc. Redemption review: life and death just a click away

Ultimately, if you want to wear the lab coat to experience the feeling of being Dr. House or the wards angel of death, Bio Inc. Redemption is for you. A game capable of involving you in races to the death: blood of the poor unfortunate patient, of course. I remind you that the title is available in the final version for € 12,99 on Steam. We at techigames as always will be here to bring you new reviews and guides on many new titles along with much more so keep following us.

7 Engaging and well cared for

Points in favor

  • Different types of games
  • Well made 3D anatomical mannequin
  • The simulation part is very well taken care of

Points against

  • Price of the game expensive
  • Multiplayer mode to review
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