Best Fantasy RPGs | December 2021

Have you ever wondered what the Best Fantasy RPGs are? If one wanted to start, which ones could he start from? Let's find out together!

The history of pen & paper RPGs is long and fascinating. For decades, these little containers of fantastic dreams have kept company for generations of aspiring adventurers and detectives. But finding your way in a world so rich in news and titles is not at all easy, and this is where we intervene. This is the first episode of a series that will take you into the heart of RPGs, dusting off titles you may already know and making you discover new, unmissable adventures. You are ready? Let's go!

Dungeons and Dragons | Best Fantasy Role Playing Games

Best Fantasy RPGs | December 2021

Trivial, those of you who already know this world will think. Yet, in our opinion, essential. You cannot begin a guide to discover the world of RPGs, and the best of them, without mentioning the most famous (and most likely loved) among them. Born in 1974 from the brilliant minds of Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, Dungeons and Dragons marked the history and growth of all subsequent RPGs. Developed in 6 editions (including a 3.5 that has remained in the hearts of many of us), D&D has influenced an entire imagination; from the game an entire narrative, comics and cinematic trend (but perhaps this was avoidable) was derived which still continues to thrill and amaze.

But the game itself, what is it about?

Eh, it's not easy to condense the heart of D & d into a few lines. Adventure would be the first answer. Magic, fighting and mystery those immediately following. Since the first edition, Dungeons and Dragons drags its players into a fantastic medieval universe made of monsters, heroes and amazing adventures. Over time, the embryo of rules and mechanics created by the two authors (drawing inspiration from the 70s wargames) has become increasingly dense and complex. Up to the version of D & d 3.5, the largest and most complex, as well as the most loved. Today, the current version is the 5th, a more streamlined edition yet still capable of keeping intact the charm of the world of Gygax and Arneson.

How to start playing

As the most famous RPG, D&D is also the easiest to start playing from. Any comic shop and specialty shop will have (or can be ordered) a copy of the Player's Handbook, the Introductory Guide to the game world. Likewise, in these hubs of aggregation between nerds it will be possible to find a group of players who already meet periodically, and to whom you may perhaps be able to join. There is also a site on which you can find and post party announcements throughout Spain, valid for all RPGs (including D&D, of course). You can find it here

Alternatively, you could always decide to put yourself in the shoes of the Master and thus become creators and narrators of your own world. In this case, you will also need the Master's Manual and the Monster Manual, which can also be purchased in specialized stores. And if you need a hand to get started, here on techigames we have recently launched an introductory guide to RPGs, which I leave you here.

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