Best Cooperative Board Games | December 2021

Best Cooperative Board Games | December 2021

A guide to the best cooperative board games for those players who like to join forces to make a common front to the same enemy

A healthy challenge between friends, sometimes even with some bickering, is always good to spend a few evenings. But what if for once everyone's strengths and abilities come together to try to beat the enemy or to create something interesting and fun? Cooperative board games were created for all of this

Dice games | Best cooperative board games

Rory's Story Cubes

This game in its basic form consists of nine dice on whose faces there are images represented various thematic. For playing you have to roll the nine dice and create a story that connects them all together. 3 cubes are used for the introduction, 3 for the central part of the story and 3 for the conclusion. On the rules, four game modes are recommended, in addition to the basic rules explained above:

  1. my hero: take 3 dice and roll them, with the pictures that come out create your hero. Then roll all 9 dice to create the story in which your hero will be the protagonist
  2. epic stories: the first player rolls all 9 dice and tells the intro of the story, then in turn each player has to add a chapter and the last player has to come up with an epic ending for the story
  3. mental block ?: take a cue from a movie, TV series or book you love and try to create new stories in that setting and with those characters
  4. use your imagination: in this case it is you who have to invent a new way on how to use dice to create new stories

Rory's Story Cubes can be found in the format of 9 dice or 3 and there are different themes, such as actions, prehistory, puzzles and many others. The various versions can be mixed together.

  • Category: Dice
  • Publisher: Asmodee
  • Age: 6+
  • Players: from 1 player up
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