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Sometimes strange things happen around us, sometimes we need someone to shed some light on these mysteries. Let's discover Apparition, first-person survival horror, in our macabre review

Right around Halloween we are pleased to publish this review of a certainly interesting title of its kind. Apparition is a first-person survival horror that will make us live a very interesting experience, let's find out the details together.

Apparition: First Person Survival Horror - Welcome to the longest night ever

The game starts in a simple and direct way: we are a very famous mystery hunter within the international community and we are preparing to start a new investigation. What we are going to do for us is now routine, armed with our equipment we immerse ourselves calmly in this mysterious location. We only know that strange things happen in the area, there are noises and traces but no one has ever had the courage to investigate further.

We, on the other hand, have courage to spare, so around 23 pm we are preparing to reach the elusive place. Our intention is to spend a good night there collecting clues and then resolving the situation in order to receive our reward. After all, what's wrong with spending your life alone in the most disturbing places? What we don't know is that this will be the longest night of our career, assuming we make it to the morning.

Apparition: First Person Survival Horror - Hunting for Evidence

Our aim, in addition to surviving, is to collect clues of the paranormal activities that take place in this place. Before the mission we can choose our equipment, based on these choices we will have a penalty (or not) on the final score. Among the various choices there is the true one spearhead of our equipment: the Ouja boardAs in any survival, we will find different materials in the game environments and we will be able to craft various types of objects, useful in our mission.

The novelty that the title introduces compared to other games of the genre, where usually the only thing required is to survive, is having to obtain clues about what is happening. Survival for the protagonist is secondary: role-play is taken for granted. So be careful, despite what you might think, you will not be armed, there will be no enemy to kill (or maybe yes?), The protagonist just wants to find clues and communicate with the entities of the place. This is reflected in the scoring mechanism: the more clues you bring home the more our score will be, but to what extent are you willing to risk your life? You are not alone, and you are not welcome either.

Apparition: First Person Survival Horror - A great gaming experience

Don't worry, nothing will be spoiled! Let's talk a little about the gaming experience. The view is in first person, to provide better emotional engagement: there is a lot of attention to detail and everything is designed to put us at our (dis) ease. It will seem to be really in the shoes of the hunter of mysteries and to experience what will happen on his skin.

The music is very engaging and capable of creating a great atmosphere: we advise you to play the title at night with the lights off for greater immersion. The main purpose of this type of game is to frighten and put pressure on the player: in this Apparition he is a master. We have never been afraid while living a video game as it happened with this title. Completing the mission was really difficult and required several attempts. We like challenges, and do you?

Apparition: First Person Survival Horror - A must-try title

Apparition is in our opinion a title that really deserves to attract the attention of lovers of the genre. It is not easy, in 2018, with so much competition, to frankly frighten the player and make him identify deeply in what the protagonist is experiencing. Yet Apparition does it without any difficulty. A title promoted for us, which we advise you to try on the occasion of Halloween night. From Alone or in company, nothing will stop Apparition from giving you hours of sincere terror like never before in a video game!

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7.5 Absolutely to try

Points in favor

  • Setting
  • Screen
  • Emotional involvement
  • Charisma of the character

Points against

  • Some mechanics that are difficult to understand
  • A little too short
  • Price
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